Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • "Two people are dead and up to 16 are injured following a deadly shooting during a teen night at Club Blu in Fort Myers." Any "teen night" in da club seems like a dicey proposition. (Oh, and the youngest person injured was 12.)
  • The Democrats only had one job this week: Don't screw up. They didn't get even to Day One before an email scandal broke costing the job of the DNC head.
  • That person taunted the head of the RNC one week ago foreshadowing a screwed up Republican convention:
  • Yesterday a three year old child was left in a car in Dallas and died while her family attended Bible study.  That got me thinking. Does it matter where the parent was going when he/she forgets about a child in the car? Should any punishment be different? What if it hadn't been Bible study but the person went into a bar? What about to cancer treatment? What if he was in a mosque?
  • Uncomfortable father/daughter pictures . . .
  • Over the weekend Trump proved he could work for Liberally Lean as a copy editor . . . 
  • What is the reason that NASCAR is in trouble? At the Brickyard 400 yesterday, they may have drawn only 50,000. Just a handful of years ago it would regularly have crowds of over 200,000. NASCAR doesn't even announce official attendance records any longer.
  • It looks like the Crazy Texas Mom blog (over there ---->) has gone private.  It's been a long pattern here at Liberally Lean: Referenced blogs either suddenly disappearing or going private. (One wants told me that her blog was doing fine until "your band of monkeys" showed up.)
  • I bought a Maytag washer about two years ago, and it now looks like the control panel is out. I was disheartened to see a krillion complaints on the Internet about the issue. Throw in what would be two service calls and a part that costs well over a $100 and you've got to think about replacing the dang thing instead.
  • 40 years ago this week: The last Super Bowl Champion vs. College All-Stars game. How unstable was that. Can you imagine that game being played today when the college players have already been drafted? The risk of injury is enough to avoid it.
  • Lake Bridgeport CSI: "Samples collected by the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) from Lake Bridgeport on June 6 were examined using cross polarized light microscopy and suspect veligers [of zebra mussels] were detected."  Just throwing in "cross polarized light microscopy" would almost make me believe anything.  If I heard, "Mr. Green, we have used cross polarized light microscopy and have diagnosed you with leprosy" I would head to a colony.
  • Breaking: Travis County Deputy shot and killed in his Round Rock home. Early reports say it might be the result of a robbery.
  • Yahoo!, the company that could have been Google, has been sold for $4.8 billion. Remember Yahoo! bought Mark Cuban's Broadcast.com for $5.7 billion and did nothing with it (because nothing could be done with it.) 
  • Mark Cuban on The Ticket this morning wouldn't rule out running for President in four years. And he also went on a rant on how hard it is to get on the ballot in Texas and other places as an Independent.