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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Cowboys' Randy Gregory is facing a 10 day game suspension for violating the league's drug policy for marijuana and has checked into rehab. If he has in fact checked into rehab, he will be the only guy in his support group who says that he is addicted to weed.
  • Bill O'Reilly was in rare form last night. In responding to Michelle Obama saying she now has gone to bed in a house built by slaves only to see her children playing on its lawn the next morning, O'Reilly said the slaves who built the White House were “well-fed and had decent lodgings.” He's his own Saturday Night Live skit.
  • Number of black delegates at the Democratic National Convention: 1,182. Number of black delegates at the Republican National Convention: 18.
  • In light of this disparity, however, the great says it is getting closer:
  • The bad news for Trump is that he is still losing in that projection even though he is currently predicted to win coveted Florida and Ohio - albeit barely.  The problem is that he's running out of states to conceivably win. And if either Florida or Ohio goes back to Clinton, it's over (and it may already be over).
  • The Ticket had a National Park Talk this morning. I'm embarrassed how few of them I have been to. I think I've got this mind block where I feel that even if I spent a week in one of them, I would still miss 99% of the hidden gems in it. 
  • NPR is reporting this morning that a "federal judge has granted John Hinckley, who shot President Reagan in 1981, his freedom under certain restrictions" reportedly being allowed to live full time with his mother. 
  • In related news per the Update, "The Hinkles will perform at 7:30 tonight at the pavilion at the Wise County Old Settlers Reunion." Wait. I think I messed that up. 
  • Hinckley was crazy. And that's a simplistic statement reflecting how our criminal justice system simply has a standard of "just don't do x or you will be punished" with no regard to the way someone's brain is formed -- unless it is so malformed that we don't even need science to tell us that it is. It's that grey area in the middle that we turn a blind eye to. 
  • I'm really amazed how the Democrats haven't opened up both figurative barrels on Donald Trump. He has given them an arsenal that won't end and they seem hesitant to go after him. That makes no sense. 
  • Someone asked me what bait I used. My preference has always been some type of yellow or green sassy shad.  (Nothing works better than live minnows, but I like to give the fish a fighting chance.) 
  • Someone draw me a Venn Diagram of the group who hates someone saying "Black Lives Matter" and the group who want all retail clerks to say, "Merry Christmas."