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For All Reasons To Be Concerned About What Trump Says, This Isn't One Of Them

Trump had a press conference today and, although it was as wheels off as usual, he said this:
Headlines, from CNN to the New York Times, immediately started appearing with this:

Trump followed up with this tweet:

I think Trump has you on a technicality. There's a big difference between asking the Ruskies to hack into emails written while Clinton was Secretary of State from asking them to turn over emails they already have.

After conferring with the judges, the split decision goes to Trump.

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Anonymous said...

I must break you!

Anonymous said...

biased media?? tell me it aint so!

Anonymous said...

I'll just add that statement to the pile of other crazy s**t he's said. What a nut job.

Anonymous said...

Barry posted something that is funny. Mark your calendar

Anonymous said...

Once again Trump makes the liberal media look like a bunch of idiots. This man is always one step ahead. Go Trump LOL..LOL..

Anonymous said...

Good job BG!
A rare glimpse of objectivity through your blinders.

Very proud little gunner!

DF Dead Baylor Law Professor

wordkyle said...

For all the reasons to be concerned about what Trump says, there are that many and more to be concerned about what Hillary Clinton has already done.

Anonymous said...

".... I hope your able to find..." If that's not an invitation to start "looking" then The people on this blog are more stupid than they sound. His tweet was a lame attempt to cover his sorry ass because he KNEW he had crossed a line. The headlines have it right. The LOUD MOUTH BASTARD should be arrested for sedition and treason.
DF Joe McCarthy

Anonymous said...

11:23PM -spoken like a true Libtard -quoting law while supporting a band of thieves. It should be a law to change the word Criminal to Clinton (ie: I just saw a group of Clinton's robbing a bank)
Yet, you Tards will support that shit no matter what.

Trump aint no saint but you have NO criminal activity- possibly just ethical delineation.
Neither of these idiots running for President deserve to be a bat boy at Ranger stadium.
But, they won't suck as bad as the racially confused POS we have now.

Anonymous said...

Trump sarcastic remark about the Russians hacking into hillary emails while implying it could be China proves he is either naive about Putin interference in the presidential election or he is covering up. Trump evaded the questions about his involvement with Russia. Investors and loans from Russia are keeping him afloat as his debt increases. Trump wants the media to focus on hillary email scandal, not on why he won't release his tax returns or why he is against nato.

Anonymous said...


You fell into the trap also, many hours after it had been set? You are a special little snowflake, aren't you?

How in the world can what Trump did be sedition and treason, if all of the hitlery emails were about yoga pants and wedding plans?


She supposedly did not delete anything government related, so releasing those 33,000 emails would present no threat to the country.

If there was government business in the 33,000 deleted emails, then hitlery is guilty of obstruction of justice, and a bunch of other charges.

Libtards...what you going to do.

Anonymous said...

8:40am -
And the answer is..............
Simply(for the simple)elect the bitch

Goober's Cousin Gomer said...

Hey 8:40:

HIGHLY trained FBI headhunters couldn't find the so called 30,000 emails. But you've decided that since emails where deleted, she has to be guilty of something. And everything wrong with this country is Obamas fault, never mind the fact we have a congress that has abdicated (that means abandoned) its responsibilities of governance to the point THEY WILL NOT EVEN HOLD HEARINGS to fill an open SCOTUS seat. It's stupid Inbreeds like you that decide all blacks involved with a shooting are guilty, that there is a vast left wing conspiracy to take away your 30 round clipped AK 47 HUNTING rifle and Obama/Clinton/REID/Polosi are responsible for everything from the Iraq war and the banking financial bust to the killing of Cock Robin. And you're going to vote for a LYING POS like trump. Hope Santy Clause & the Tooth Fairy are good to you this year, MORON!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:46pm,

See comment at 9:18am, which won the internet today, and nailed you 3 1/2 hours before you commented!

Anonymous said...

Hey Goober! How the hell does what I wrote relate in any way with what you wrote?

I do not assume there was anything in the emails, government related. But if you are going to charge Trump with treason, then there must be something government related in the emails to complain about what he said.

If the emails are just about yoga pants and wedding plans, as hitlery claims, then there is nothing relevant to release.

So who is the inbred you special little snowflake?

Or do you still not understand?

Anonymous said...

And 4:11 your too stupid to get what 12:46 is saying.