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That Fighting Can Make A Man Hungry

Calm as can be. The guy just kept ramping up his order the more he watched.

Language warning.

And to prove I will forever be a skeptic: One of these days companies like Taco Bell will set this whole thing up. Just pay a couple of chicks to beat the crap out of each other while you pay another guy to film it while he places an order for a delicious quesadilla. And then hope it goes viral.  (Don't believe me? There's some evidence that the "kid smashes windshield of $250,000 car" is a set up.)

P.S. Did they not ask him if he wanted sauce? What kind of joint are they running there?


Anonymous said...

Luckily there were a whole gang of hero first responders right there to break things up before it got out of hand.

And I don't often agree with you on the guerilla advertising, but I'm almost inclined to play along on this one. The framing of the ordering screen was really perfect. Maybe too perfect?

Baylor Too said...

What's up with those firefighters? I expected them to pull 'em apart.

Anonymous said...

Of course most are fakes. We've known that for a long time. Welcome.

Sam Brows said...


are you suggesting that there's stuff on the interweb thing that isn't accurate? get outta town.

Anonymous said...

Do I amuse you?

Anonymous said...

Firefighters are pussys that couldn't handle the streets