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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone mentioned Netflix's Stranger Things yesterday to me in the courthouse and then I it referenced two to three more times on the radio/Internet after that. I suppose there's a name for that mental phenomenon of having a memory in your brain triggered when otherwise you would just hear background noise.
  • I mention Cullen Davis here from time to time and he was vindicated yesterday in a fender bender in a one day trial in Tarrant County. Lots of little nuggets in that story if you can get to it. On whether he worried the jury would hold his fame against him, Davis told the paper, "To know me is to love me." In shaking the judge's hand after the case, he told him, "I've me a lot of judges in my time." And his lawyer told the jury that Davis should be responsible for nothing more than the Plaintiff's hospital co-pay of $20. "Give her the $20," he said. (Insurance payments are admissible?) Local connection: Davis' lawyer, who was most likely hired by his auto insurance carrier, is married to the daughter of a Bridgeport doctor. 
  • Wise County employees will be on a "new insurance plan [of] Blue Cross Blue Shield and . . . should see lower premiums but better benefits." The Obamacare Effect?
  • Here's advice from a Texas Supreme Court justice who believes everyone apparently has unlimited time and unlimited resources:
  • So someone who is already getting the very dicey law degree these days should also get a Master of Business, Master of Public Health, or a Master of Laws (a degree held by not a single person that I've ever known)? Please. 
  • Local radio host Mark Davis' tweeted last night during the Democratic National Convention. (He also said eight years ago, "Obama is unelectable.")
  • Parts of the DNC was a rowdy mess but it was certainly entertaining. (Sarah Silverman basically told the Bernie Sanders people to shut up, and Susan Sarandon looked like she might have a heart attack.) But Michelle Obama got rave reviews. 
  • Oh, and it wasn't a DNC email "leak" it was a DNC email "hack". 
  • How would you like to be 85 years old, worth $3 billion, marry a hot wife six years ago, and now find her mother to be kidnapped with a ransom of $37 million?
  • Frisco ISD will hold four high school games (they have a lot of high schools) on the first weekend of football season in the new indoor Cowboys practice facility. All games are now sold out.
  • We are coming up on the 50th anniversary of the mass killing by Charles Whitman from the UT Tower. The whole thing lasted 96 minutes. It would be a perfect 96 minute movie. Start with the first second of the movie being the first shot and you've got a locked in audience.
  • After 30 years, on my own, I figured out a way to make sure my tie is a perfect length after I tie it. I can now be a special contributor to Hints from Heloise or Lifehacker.
  • "Plano church welcomes Pok√©mon Go players." Shut it down. Let's go home.