Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • These ladies (below, not above) are probably 30 feet from each other during this split screen broadcast, right? Oh, and who wore it better?
  • Katy Perry performed at the DNC last night. Donald Trump had some advice to her a few years back:
  • Funny:
  • Hillary's best line came when she paraphrased Jackie Kennedy: "War might be started not so much by big men as by the little ones . . . moved more by fear and pride."
  • We get the Jerry Jones opening-of-camp-press-conference today.  Sure Thing = Confusing Statements Coming.
  • Random sight this morning around the courthouse square: A guy smoking a cigarette while barefoot and while wearing pajama bottoms and no shirt. (Note to self: New "casual Friday" outfit for me?)
  • Every time Fox News has Charles Krauthammer on as a guest, I think he might die before the segment is over.
  • I drove into downtown Fort Worth yesterday. That I-35 construction is the ultimate beating. 
  • "AUSTIN (AP) — The Texas attorney general has filed suit against Austin, accusing the state capital of violating 'open carry' rules by banning guns inside city hall." And that crazy Paxton did it within five days of a certain 50 year anniversary.
  • The only GOP nominee that Hillary may be able to beat is the one they served up: Trump. 
  • Yesterday's Update can be interpreted in a couple of ways: " Bridgeport Band Boosters will host a hot dog dinner for current Mighty Marching Maroon students 5:30-7 p.m. Friday at the Pavilion in Harwood Park. Although not supervised by Bridgeport Booster Club, students have also been invited to swim at the Bridgeport City pool for free." It reads like, "Hey, kids. We just run this private group but why don't ya'll run over there and just swim in that public pool without paying. And, by the way, you're on your own."