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What is your health insurance status?
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Guinjames said...

What, no option for medicare?

Anonymous said...

I voted "covered through employer," but as a law firm partner, I am the employer. We work hard to keep good coverage for ourselves and our employees, but every year it's another gouging.

Anonymous said...

I've changed jobs recently and am covered through them.

My family spent almost a year on private insurance.

The premiums were higher than my first mortgage, and have dropped by 1200/month since switching jobs.

I was generally in favor of single-payer before, but am 100% an advocate for it now.

Anonymous said...

You left off government dole.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to share your health insurance details?

Anonymous said...

Good attempt at keeping the rednecks here from skewing the poll with redneck anti-black president responses, but it will necessarily influence the poll.

Anonymous said...

I am a law-firm associate, and I'm covered through my employer. I can't afford to cover my son on that policy.

Up until 9 months ago, my wife was self employed, and had to purchase private insurance. The "Obamacare" Marketplace saved us thousands of dollars a year in premiums. (She was also diagnosed with MS two years ago - so the "no denial for pre-existing conditions" rule instituted by Obamacare is a literal lifesaver as well, IMO.)

She now works for a county government agency and is covered by her employer. We can't afford to cover our son on that policy, either.

Our son is covered by insurance purchased through the Marketplace. We do not get any subsidies on this, so don't try to comment about how we're "mooching" off the system.

To say I think our current health-insurance system is horrible is an understatement. I wholeheartedly support a single-payer system.

Anonymous said...

I cannot come up with a way to get from your stated personal experience to becoming an advocate of single-payer healthcare. I think you must have misunderstood some things, and are operating under some misconceptions.

We know what the single-payer model of our govt. is, it is not an experiment, there is no mystery. It is the Veterans Administration.

Anonymous said...

I have always worked for small companies. So I have bought and paid my own insurance since I was 20 years old. I'm 59 now. I pay 360 mo. $2500.00 deductible. When Obama care came out my insurance agent said he was pretty sure I was grandfathered in, but sent the new stuff for me to check out if I wanted to change. It was less coverage, but with maternity, I am a male. It was 750.00 mo. with 6500.00 deductible. I have a good friend who is a single mom, works full time with a part time job, cant afford insurance, so pays the fine for not having insurance, and still cant afford insurance.

Anonymous said...

Need option for retired....
Medicare + pay for own

Anonymous said...

Medicare for everyone. a couple of hundred a month and when I need to go to the doctor most everything is covered. Sure I paid in for 40 years but the 1.5 percent was unnoticed. In retrospect, I would have paid 2.5 percent to be covered at 55.

Anonymous said...

Single payer all the way baby!


Anonymous said...

As a Baylor Law School Graduate I cannot believe that Ken Starr is too corrupt to keep his position at Baylor but is somehow qualified to teach at the law school. What will he teach, ethics? Hope not.
Criminal law? Don't think so.

Classes on to give the public an even lower opinion of lawyers? Bingo!

No longer a proud Baylor graduate.

HeartStillinTexas said...

9:52 Yea I'm so tired of maternity stuff. Guess what I pay for prostate cancer care and viagra and I ain't got a prostate or a penis! I pay for fat people, hormonal people, old people, young people and yes those females that birth you. That's why it's called put into the pot and you take out when you need it. Maternity care is not the only item that you pay for that you don't use as a male nor is prostate implants or testicular malformation the only thing I pay for that I will never use. Get over it will ya!