The Campaign For DA


Above The Fold

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Anonymous said...

You did it!!! You now have become what you complain about in all of the Fox4 news , radio segments of imbedded free advertising!!! The messenger has given you not 1 but 2 pages of free ads. They mention your blog page, your family life, your philosophy, your dreams and wishes all for free.

Greg Lowery will not get this type of free press. You sir are a genius. You are getting free press, free advertising and now you want 500 people to sign a petition where you get free placement on the ballot box instead of growing a pair and paying your filing fees.

I still love coming here however to read your post!!!

DF Bernie Sanders--- King of everyone else do the work and I get the benefit.

Anonymous said...

@12:06. He doesn't have the option of paying a filing fee. The legislature makes it hard on Independents because they have to get signatures instead.