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That's Not Road Rage. That's An Assault.

From St. Petersburg.


Anonymous said...

Looked like a member of the outlaws mc. Bad move for the guy in the rice burner.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was self defense. Let's see the part where the biker fired several shots at the car, for example.

Anonymous said...

How is that a 'rice burner'? Its a Pontiac. Everyone knows those are made in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

If there was nothing more than the events captured in this video, then I would have to agree that this was aggravated assault. But we get *zero* context. We don't know but perhaps the guy whose bike got run over was part of a larger effort to entrap the guy in the car, which reasonably put the person[s] in the car in fear for their life.

Your jumping straight to "that's assault" without more details shows why you can't be trusted to be a careful evaluator of all of the facts.