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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Art Briles statement yesterday had one subtle bombshell. In the middle of a carefully crafted (and kind of boring) statement, he threw in that the outside investigation was not "independent."  (The Ticket completely missed that this morning during a segment while WBAP amazingly locked onto it.)
  • It's only early June but Hillary and Trump are already throwing verbal nuclear missiles at each other 
  • Crazy story out of Rowlett that doesn't have a lot of details made public yet. But the lead is gripping: "Days before his planned wedding, the groom-to-be paid two convicted sex offenders to kill the 37-year-old Rowlett mother he was set to marry, officials say."
  • When did local news become dominated by viral Internet videos?
  • Mississippi State showed two errors of judgment yesterday: (1) They suspended an incoming star recruit for one whole game for beating up a woman, and (2) the AD decided to defend the decision by showing up in shorts and pulling up a chair in front of the press. He got roasted.
  • I did my first window screen replacement the other day. That may be the easiest project in the history of ever and was dirt cheap. (My only error was to not get all the slack out.)
  • One of the great all time courtroom lunges by a victim's family member at a defendant occurred in Ohio yesterday. Watch. Screenshot below:
  • Weather prediction has been dicey as of late, but the National Weather Service is predicting not a cloud in the sky for Sunday through Thursday.
  • Every drug case by DPS (and even for most agencies that use the DPS drug lab) are analysed in Austin. This year, the lab said "they will not test for misdemeanor drugs even when it is DPS filing a case with a local Criminal District Attorney's Office......unless the prosecutor personally sends a letter to the Lab requesting analysis." Heck, DPS doesn't even care about the War on Drugs when it is a misdemeanor.
  • A guy was arrested south of here for driving around a barricade and ending up on dry ground but surrounded by flood waters. The offense for disregarding a lawfully placed barricade is punishable by a fine only yet they arrested him which took about five officers as five emergency workers looked on. Note: Fox 4 says "Drivers can be jailed for up to six months and face up to a $2,000 fine for going around low water crossing barriers."  That's not was Texas Transportation Code 472.022 says. (Screenshot of arrest below with red dots over the government workers)

  • It's the College Softball World Series this weekend and the Females In The House will be locked in. (It's really amazing.) Sports Genius Prediction: Take Oklahoma. (Bracket.) Of the eight teams, seven are from warm weather schools, six are from the South, and only Michigan is a cold weather school. And that's your fun fact for the day which you can use to impress your friends