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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Still no word yet regarding Bill Kristol's "there's a viable Independent presidential candidate coming" announcement.
  • The folks at the Cincinnati jail "having to defend" the shooting of the gorilla who was on the verge of mauling the little boy is silly. Edit: OK, I meant "zoo" and not "jail" but it probably felt like a jail to him.  (And some of the protesters want the mother charged with a crime. Uh, what exactly was the crime?)
  • Baylor hires an ex-Wake Forest coach to lead the Bears in the interim. Consider me underwhelmed unless he promises just to be a caretaker and lets the remaining coaches continue to run what they have been running.
  • I've got a weird commentor on here who constantly dogs me for saying, at the time, that former Baylor player Josh Gordon was the best receiver in the NFL. For some reason, he doesn't think Gordon could be "the best at the time" because since then he has been suspended. That makes no sense to me. Buddy, have you ever heard of Marcus Dupree?
  • From the Update: "Bridgeport Police Department will begin a Prescription Drug Take Back program as part of an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of illegal prescription drugs in the Bridgeport community." I'm sure there is answer for this, but why not just throw them away or flush 'em?
  • I saw a trooper the other day on 287 hiding in his patrol car behind a tree as he clocked passing traffic. He was parked in a well site entrance. Nothing wrong with it, but 99% of the time you simply see them on the side of the road. 
  • The Thunder/Warriors game seven last night pulled in an 11.2 rating. Last year, the Tony Romo-less Cowboys routinely pulled in around a 25.0 rating during a dismissal dismal season. 
  • I have a name of the guy who found my iPad at Home Depot and turned it in: Phillip Gist.
  • Electronic traffic signs in Dallas got hacked over the weekend. Here are three funny ones.
  • Waco is a strange place: The Branch Davidians, two Baylor scandals which have made national news, a Twins Peaks shoot out, and the home of the show "Fixer Upper" (which I have never seen.)
  • My Memorial Day consisted of hedge trimming, flower planting, water hose splicing, hornet zapping, fishing (which caused a run to Walmart at 6:00 a.m. -- the only way to shop at Walmart by the way), stone walkway stabilization, light bulb replacing, a/c troubleshooting, failed screen replacement, and more.
  • Fifteen foot gator seen strolling on a Florida golf course. Video.
  • Creepy story of the year: A guy from Plano is charged with the murder of his girlfriend after he "posted a photo of himself covered in blood and a picture of his girlfriend’s body on her Facebook page with the caption, 'Please pray for us.'" 
  • Whatever happened to Amanda Bynes? She used to make news once a week for her crazy behavior.
  • Edit: And from the Butte County Post: "Erma Albert had a doctor’s appointment in the hills on Tuesday. She is preparing for a trip to see her granddaughter graduate at Bridgeport, Texas. The high school is so big that the graduation will be held in the stadium. She will hope for good weather for graduation and also for the flight down and back. Dick has been busy tilling the garden and mowing grass."


Anonymous said...

Skippy Finfrock, Cincinnati jail?

That Guy said...

Prescription drugs need to be properly disposed of, flushing and trash are not proper disposal.

There are lengthy scientific articles that explain why

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you meant the Cincinnati ZOO not the jail.
Pretty sure you meant DISMAL season, not dismissal.
Damn autocorrect. ;)

Anonymous said...

Skip, don't get excited about Kristol's announcement. Everyone is turning him down.

Anonymous said...

Barry, You don't dump Rx or any meds in the water supply, they don't get filtered out.

wordkyle said...

I imagine Kristol is presenting wishful thinking as an actual prediction. A "strong team and a real chance" wouldn't include being on the Texas presidential ballot, since that deadline was May 9.

A more interesting question is what happens if Hillary is charged with a crime or otherwise so politically damaged by her e-mail hijinks that she has to drop out? Would Democrats unite behind Sanders? Or start their own recruitment process?

Anonymous said...

That Cowboys season what a "dismissal" season allright.

It was also a dismal season.

Anonymous said...

He Bu....

Cincinnati zoo, not jail.

And don't flush old pills down the drain. Studies have shown traces of medication in drinking water.

If you have a cat, just throw them in the used cat dirt next time you change it out or dig a small hole in the yard and bury them.

Oh, and take them out of the bottle first.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Amanda Bynes?

She was diagnosed as bipolar & manic depressive, sought treatment, and is now seemingly well adjusted on medication.

Mental illness sucks.

Andy Stevenson said...

I hear the Cincinnati zoo also had to shoot a gorilla as well. My question is why was there a gorilla in jail in the first place and God only knows why a 4 year old child was in the jail also.

Anonymous said...

I have a name of the guy who found my iPad at Home Depot and turned it in: Phillip Gist.

...and the importance of this is?

....he wanted his name made public?

Anonymous said...

Cincinnati jail?

Was another gorilla shot that we don't yet know about?

DF Al Sharpton

Anonymous said...

Fixer Upper's okay I suppose. I've watched it from the very beginning. Chip's funny guy schtick has grown stale to me however. This next season will feature skinny lap instead of ship lap. People who watch the show should know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

I've watched these type of shows faithfully since 1980 (This Old House). One of the best was Curb Appeal: The Block. Another good one is Salvage Dawgs. 1-2-3 DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

I'm still in mourning over Cecil the Lion's death.

Anonymous said...

So I suppose the Decatur Walmart has resolved their problem over the entire Memorial Day weekend where they would only accept cash or checks (ATM) empty?
Because of the inconvenience we made a trip to and were amazed!

Anonymous said...

Waco is also home of a fairly notorious scam _ Life Partners Holdings. Here's the headline from March 7, 2016 Star Telegram:

Life Partners called one of the state’s biggest fraud cases ever

Anonymous said...

You don't have to explain the guys name that found the ipad.

We get the "gist".

Anonymous said...

Finfrock, you did all that on Memorial day? Wow, you really are the hardest working man in show bidness.

Anonymous said...

The crime? Seriously? You don't know? The crime for allowing your child to crawl over a wall, through bushes, and fall into a pit? Especially when your child TELLS YOU (according to witnesses and reports) that he wants to jump in the water? And you still can't prevent it?

People get arrested and charged when not having a kid in a carseat. So, whatever family of "crimes" that is works here.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear the details of the a/c diagnosis

Anonymous said...

Baylor hires an ex-Wake Forest coach to lead the Bears in the interim. Consider me underwhelmed unless he promises just to be a caretaker and lets the remaining coaches continue to run what they have been running.

Which "run what they are running" are you referring to?

Football running or the alleged victim intimidation discrediting running???

Please clear this up

Anonymous said...

"Consider me underwhelmed unless he promises just to be a caretaker and lets the remaining coaches continue to run what they have been running"

It is just like a local HS coach told me when Penn State went down; a football coaching staff is like a family, every coach in that locker room either knew or suspected (did not want to know) about Sandusky.

Every Baylor coach knew or (did not want to know) about the off the field sexual assaults.

If Baylor had a shred of integrity left they would dismiss the remaining coaching staff and start over.

Anonymous said...

The well site owner should charge the trooper to park.

Anonymous said...

BG, your Baylor post shows perfectly the differences in thought with respect to Baylor. If you are willing to let scumbags stay at Baylor just to protect what has been built, you are part of the problem. Some of those coaches met with assault victims and pressured them not to report their allegations further, and worked with Waco PD to keep the reports hidden. Is that really what you want at Baylor?

Besides, who's left? Brides' son who was so bad at his job that Briles had to step in and redesign the offense after a game they lost but should have won? Brides son-in-law who is there for nothing more than a job for a family member? Bennett? Remind me again what the worst part of Baylor's gam was the last few years? Defense? Why would we want the most underperforming coach to say again?

And again, that's assuming you care more about the wins than the students. And no decent person should.

Anonymous said...

Bill Kristol should stick to making City Slicker movies!

Anonymous said...

The RTG: What is it about a hot girl and a snake that gives me the creeps?

DF Adam
DF Garden of Eden

Anonymous said...

"Dismissal" works, too. I "dismissed" that season just a couple of games in!

Anonymous said...

Have the transgender restrooms been installed at the Rhome City Hall yet?

Doc Logic said...

Josh Gordon was the #1 wide receiver in the NFL. Verified

Anonymous said...

Given what has transpired at Baylor, combined with the religious affiliation, I think it would be appropriate for Baylor to drop the Bear and become the Demon Deacons. They are holding up to that name much better than Wake Forest.

Anonymous said...

if they really want to get the drugs off the street they need to bust the pill pushing Dr who's giving them out like candy!

Anonymous said...

First Josh Gordon is the best receiver that ever played and now Marcus Dupree is the best running back in pro Football History.....just because ESPN did a story on him I guess. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad!

Anonymous said...

For those of us that saw Dupree in his damn prime at OU and in the damn WFL, hell, he was a damn phenom.

Double Fake Barry Switzer

HarveyLee said...

There is a snake in that photo?

Anonymous said...

For the record... there are facts about the Baylor situation.... unfortunately you don't know them. The Report was fully generalized opinion and the facts have not been released.

So you don't know if current assistant coaches and for that matter Art Briles "met with assault victims and pressured them not to report their allegations further, and worked with Waco PD to keep the reports hidden"

The report says someone did..... but it did not state that it was coaches... could have been players, trainers or other Baylor staff.

The media has spun it that way for sure. Maybe coaches did... maybe they didn't. But it is not stated in the report.

Briles was fired because these things happened while on his watch... but who did it? Until the report becomes public you don't know.

Anonymous said...

All that you care about is Baylor football. Not one word mentioned about the victims or Art Briles who let rapists roam the campus.