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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Still no word yet regarding Bill Kristol's "there's a viable Independent presidential candidate coming" announcement.
  • The folks at the Cincinnati jail "having to defend" the shooting of the gorilla who was on the verge of mauling the little boy is silly. Edit: OK, I meant "zoo" and not "jail" but it probably felt like a jail to him.  (And some of the protesters want the mother charged with a crime. Uh, what exactly was the crime?)
  • Baylor hires an ex-Wake Forest coach to lead the Bears in the interim. Consider me underwhelmed unless he promises just to be a caretaker and lets the remaining coaches continue to run what they have been running.
  • I've got a weird commentor on here who constantly dogs me for saying, at the time, that former Baylor player Josh Gordon was the best receiver in the NFL. For some reason, he doesn't think Gordon could be "the best at the time" because since then he has been suspended. That makes no sense to me. Buddy, have you ever heard of Marcus Dupree?
  • From the Update: "Bridgeport Police Department will begin a Prescription Drug Take Back program as part of an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of illegal prescription drugs in the Bridgeport community." I'm sure there is answer for this, but why not just throw them away or flush 'em?
  • I saw a trooper the other day on 287 hiding in his patrol car behind a tree as he clocked passing traffic. He was parked in a well site entrance. Nothing wrong with it, but 99% of the time you simply see them on the side of the road. 
  • The Thunder/Warriors game seven last night pulled in an 11.2 rating. Last year, the Tony Romo-less Cowboys routinely pulled in around a 25.0 rating during a dismissal dismal season. 
  • I have a name of the guy who found my iPad at Home Depot and turned it in: Phillip Gist.
  • Electronic traffic signs in Dallas got hacked over the weekend. Here are three funny ones.
  • Waco is a strange place: The Branch Davidians, two Baylor scandals which have made national news, a Twins Peaks shoot out, and the home of the show "Fixer Upper" (which I have never seen.)
  • My Memorial Day consisted of hedge trimming, flower planting, water hose splicing, hornet zapping, fishing (which caused a run to Walmart at 6:00 a.m. -- the only way to shop at Walmart by the way), stone walkway stabilization, light bulb replacing, a/c troubleshooting, failed screen replacement, and more.
  • Fifteen foot gator seen strolling on a Florida golf course. Video.
  • Creepy story of the year: A guy from Plano is charged with the murder of his girlfriend after he "posted a photo of himself covered in blood and a picture of his girlfriend’s body on her Facebook page with the caption, 'Please pray for us.'" 
  • Whatever happened to Amanda Bynes? She used to make news once a week for her crazy behavior.
  • Edit: And from the Butte County Post: "Erma Albert had a doctor’s appointment in the hills on Tuesday. She is preparing for a trip to see her granddaughter graduate at Bridgeport, Texas. The high school is so big that the graduation will be held in the stadium. She will hope for good weather for graduation and also for the flight down and back. Dick has been busy tilling the garden and mowing grass."