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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm getting so old that sometimes I'm more curious about the background of the RTG pic than the girl. I wonder where this was taken? 
  • A Frisco mom allegedly got liquored up at a Halloween party in Frisco and drove into a pond. Corby Davidson of the Ticket had a funny line when he said, "I don't know why stuff like that doesn't happen every day. She's probably one of the thousands of women up there married to some contractor who makes a ton of money and sits around drinking Franzia all day." Side note: Kinda Hot
  • A guy named Jose Puentes was sentenced for sending one pound of meth in the mail to Fort Worth by a federal judge. He got 30 years in federal prison. Holy cow. How insane is that? Our drug laws don't need reforming, right? (Side note: The prosecutor's office sent out a press release to brag about it.) 
  • The last Waco biker is out of jail over five months after his arrest and after his bond was reduced to $50,000. Uh, lawyer: He was entitled to a PR bond or a bond he could afford 90 days after arrest if he wasn't indicted. And he not been indicted. 
  • The rest of the Family In The House to me: "Can we have a Chinese student stay with us over Thanksgiving?"  I slowly look up, slowly turn my head towards them, and a huge question mark forms in the air. I'll give you an update. (If that happens, I might check with Donald Trump on how to "deal with him".)
  • I'll probably do a separate post about this but the latest Police State video has emerged and it's from Texas. A guy goes to Godley City Hall to complain about a neighbor, a cop comes out and asks for his ID (the guy has no legal obligation to present it) and initially refuses, the cop eventually tells him to stand up, the guy tries to pull out his ID, is then slow to turn around, gets tazed, and then "charged" with resisting arrest (which he didn't do because the law requires the use of force against the officer.) That officer just lost his job. And he needs to.
  • I believe there is a growing number of some young officers, not the veterans, who believe the rules do not apply to them. And that is what happens when those far up the chain don't hold them accountable because they don't care or, shockingly, sanction unethical/illegal actions.
  • I can't stop laughing about Dez Bryant's monkey (named "Dallas Bryant"). But it got better yesterday at Jason Garrett's press conference when someone asked him a tongue in cheek question about whether he knew about the monkey. Garrett seriously replied: "I have not met Dallas. I've heard stories that he has a monkey. There has been visual evidence of that.'' That's golden. 
  • I watched an episode of All In The Family the other day. Verdict: It was very, very funny. But it was funnier because of the shock value of the non-PC things that were in the script that would never be on regular TV today.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay is really named Hal Harbuck?  And I saw a guy joke somewhere that his wheeze laugh sounds like Mutley. (I realize there may be 1% of you who have ever heard of Mutley and less than that have heard of Hal Jay.)
  • Hot Sports Opinions: (1) When the official college playoff rankings come out tonight, Baylor will be #5, (2) TCU's Trevone Boykin is the best player in the country, (3) There is nothing weirder than TCU's coach Gary Patterson asking the West Virginia coach immediately after TCU's win against them, "What are our chances against Baylor?" Uh, coach, you have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on your schedule before Baylor. 
  • Special note to Dennis Prager fan: I flipped over to him yesterday and he was dogging some politician (Hillary?) and said something along the lines of "if your leaders aren't truthful, it will lead to the downfall of society." (I am certain about the last three words.) Then he read an ad for a cream that cures arthritis pain. 
  • If I see one more story about Blue Blue . . .  oh no . . .