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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Background contest: There is now way you guys can identify where that is.
  • CNN: "Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders filed a Senate bill Wednesday that would allow states to decide whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana and decriminalize the drug at the federal level." Ok. legally speaking, I'm confused (and I'll admit I haven't read the bill.) I understand a Congressional law that would repeal the current law that makes it a federal crime to possess marijuana. That makes sense. But you don't need a law that then tells the states they are free to do what they want.  (There is not a single member of the Tea Party that would disagree with what I just said.)
  • If I ever channel surf and see Pulp Fiction I cannot stop watching. And the first time I ever heard about it was from a gal in the Wise County Courthouse who told me the film was really, really weird but that I would absolutely love it. (It scares me that I just realized the film came out in 1994. Time is not our friend.)
  • I've talked for years about the changing demographics of the population and how it will impact politics and elections. I was up at a docket on Wednesday and listened to a judge "call the docket" which means reading names and making sure they are present. The long time white majority which has members who have hatefully referred to Hispanics as "wetbacks" and "beaners" are about to face a harsh reality. Let me throw in my favorite saying, "It ain't so fun when the rabbit got the gun."
  • Sports: Everyone dogs Baylor for "not playing" anyone for the non-conference team but they came in #6 in the first poll. That's a perfect position. So why in the world would you risk a loss by playing a big named team before conference play?
  • "The Texas Railroad Commission agreed Tuesday that two wastewater injection wells northwest of Fort Worth [near Azle] did not cause a rash of earthquakes more than a year ago." I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. An elected board composed of candidates funded by the oil and gas industry says the oil and gas industry is not at fault. Who saw that coming?
  • There have been eight high school football deaths this year. The Ticket talked about a USA Today opinion piece (that I can't find so someone find me the link). The opinion piece asked the question of: Had high school football not yet been invented, would it be allowed today to start from scratch? I'm paraphrasing what I heard: "Can you imagine a school administrator standing up in front of a group of parents and honestly saying, 'We are proposing a sport where kids might die and many will have leg or shoulder injuries which will require surgery. There is also the issue of concussions and long term brain damage. But the game is really fun and your kids will love it. But I have to tell you that every doctor I've talked to has told me this is not a good idea. And every lawyer I've talked to has told me this idea has many liability issues.'" The sport would not exist.