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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a heck of hail storm. How may times can Wise County cars get beaten up? 
  • I'm suspending the "Name That Location" contest for today's RTG pic. 
  • The most awkward/funny moment of my life occurred last night. The Senior In The House had her last band performance and was part of "Senior Night" at the football game where the Seniors were  honored before the game. After walking down the field, Mrs. LL was handed a long stemmed carnation as part of the ceremony. Once it was over, she had to go to the bathroom, and the Senior In The House was going with her because she had to change into a different band uniform as, which I will soon learn, all band members had to do as well. Mrs. LL hands me the carnation to protect* it. I decided to go to the bathroom as well, walked in carrying the carnation (I'm wearing a suit, by the way), and see about 10 half naked (or more) male band members who are also changing clothes. They stop and look up as I walk in. Let me remind you I'm wearing a suit and carrying a carnation. The only thing I could say is, "What's up, guys?"
  • Sports: (1) I was right about my assertion that Baylor's backup quarterback was better than the starter who is out for a year with an injury, (2) K-States Bill Synder is a genius. If you have no offense, the only way to even try to beat Baylor is to run the ball and run the clock. (3) Prediction: TCU loses at OSU tomorrow, (4) Mark Cuban just agreed to pay coach Rick Carlisle $35 million with a contract extension. The Smartest Man In The Room doesn't realize that, without players, a coach can't save you. 
  • I wonder if crazy Dallas DA Susan Hawk and the crazy advertising Law Hawk guy are related.
  • A friend of mine saw me shaking my head as he walked up the stairs at the courthouse yesterday. He asked me why. The answer? There was a spare-out-of-town lawyer telling his client and (his very concerned wife) there was a plea bargain offer on the table. The defendant asked what the other options he had, and the lawyer said he could set if for trial but the offer would be withdrawn. That's a bold face lie or bold face ignorance of how the third floor of the courthouse works. I believe he said it so he wouldn't have to make another trip to Wise County. And I would bet he's never tried a case in front of a jury in his life.
  • Too many cops. Too many prosecutors. Too many lawyers. 
  • They have opened up a golf course at Petco Field (that's the baseball home of the San Diego Padres) and advertise it with a "Hey, now.") That's right out of Something About Mary
  • Unemployment rate was just announced: It fell to 5.0%. (Wordkyle in 3, 2, ....)
  • I just thought about this. What does long time faithful reader Wordkyle think about Donald Trump?
  • There is a strange phenomena of people committing suicide by jumping off a cruise ship. I actually had conversation with someone in the last two months as to why. Another one happened this week. 
  • My "Football Will Be Gone" prediction is crazy? News: "A 9-year-old boy in Ohio died shortly after participating in a youth football practice."

* I may need to pay someone to create a political and cheezy youtube ad of "I'm A Protector Of Flowers". But what do I know about politics?