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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Sounds like a huge house fire in Runaway Bay this morning. 
  • I'm not sure who weatherman Grant Johnston of KXAS is, but you have to really appreciate his prediction of 3.77 inches of rain for Wise County, 4.48 inches for Parker, and 5.16 inches for Fort Worth. Could he be a little more bold and specific? Yesterday I made a joke about the exact time the rain would start but now I feel like a respectable forecaster.
  • But it will be big rain: Picture from Odessa last night. 
  • I've watched a Texas prosecutors message board for almost two decades. It used to be really informative. Now basically the only thing prosecutors ask is, "Does anyone have a form for . . . . "  That basically means, "I'm too dumb to even begin to do this myself." 
  • Joe Biden won't run for president. That makes me sad because I wanted the entertainment. 
  • There's an old saying about the youngest person you should date age-wise is "half your age plus seven." I don't think I've ever heard that. 
  • Hey, Dennis Prager commenter guy: Calm down. If you want to buy into his crap, knock yourself out.  Joel Osteen has a ton of followers, too.
  • Speaking of, Mrs. LL wants me to go with her to a high school reunion and go to a football game. She had a you-are-so-odd reaction when I asked, "At Shotwell Stadium?" (I got to laugh to myself because I could only hear Craig Way in my head when I said it.) 
  • Jeb Bush was asked to name his favorite super hero and he went with Super Girl. He had seen her on TV as he was working out earlier that day and said she was "pretty hot".  Ok, now I'm warming up to him. Be yourself. Be a regular guy.