The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's all about your perspective, but I think the Republicans just made Hillary Clinton the next president by trying to grill her for hours yesterday on Benghazi.  Her poise and retorts made her look, uh, presidential. It got so bad that Fox News actually bailed out of the full time coverage in the evening. 
  • I was glued into the hearing and then Mrs. LL smiles and asks, "Can I watch Survivor?"  I laughed and told her to hit the record button and, of course, she could. She then said, "I know this is Idiocracy." And then I got sucked into Survivor and started giving hot sports opinions on who should win and how they should handle the challenges. I like the old guy. 
  • One contestant of Survivor appeared on the screen and Mrs. LL looks at me and says, "I met her in Manhattan once." If it is possible for an actual question mark to form in the air over my head, it happened at that moment. But, I'll be dang, she did. 
  • The Family Pup has now decided she loves to run around in the rain the backyard.
  • I was up at a courthouse office and talking to one of the female workers and referred to her as Darlin' as I was trying to make a point. I immediately apologized because I think referring to a woman as Darlin' is condescending. Another female in the same room agreed. The person I said it to, however, said she wasn't offended at all. We then all argued about it. Another female employee then walked in the room and I immediately turned to her and said, "Hey! If I called you Darlin', would that offend you?" She stopped for one second in confusion, and then said, "Oh, no! I'd like that!"  My daily work life is a sit-com. 
  • I don't know why it was posted yesterday in the comments but it made me laugh and smile. It was a quote from Pappy O'Daniel from the great movie O Brother, Where Art Thou. Pappy was running for election and about to walk into a new fangled thing called a "radio station" for promotion. One of his goofy advisers (a son) told him he was wasting his time and needed to be out "pressing the flesh" instead. Pappy told him: "I'll press your flesh, you dimwitted sumbitch! You don't tell your pappy how to court the electorate. We ain't one-at-a-timin' here. We're MASS communicating!" Funny. And he was right. 
  • It reminded me of the time that I was down in Austin at the Court of Criminal Appeals fighting with Wise County prosecutors on a misdemeanor.  After oral arguments were over, we walked over to the state capitol building which is a stone's throw away. About five minutes in I thought about how much crap the Texas Legislature throws out and, out of the blue and -- more importantly -- for the sake of comedy, I fired off a quote from the same movie. Ironically, it was from the opponent of Pappy, Homer Stokes, who got bent out of shape when the crowd turned on him: "Is you is, or is you ain't, my constituency?"
  • Alison Krauss has great music in the soundtrack of O Brother.
  • The killing of the dentist in the Uptown parking garage just got weirder. The prosecutors, based upon the below story from the Dallas Morning News, think the Cartel was involved?