The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Did I see a Decatur police car decorated in pink? Who paid for that? 
  • Last year I made fun of the crooked pink line on the courthouse square. This is what I wrote: "Regarding the crooked Pink Stripe on the Decatur Square that I mentioned yesterday, I got called out by email: 'The line is painted, not by a machine, but by the hands of women in our community, each taking a turn and is an emotional and empowering opportunity for each of them. I have attached a picture so that you can see the faces of the women we celebrate: the moms, aunts, grandmas and friends, for enduring such a difficult time.'"  Not that it matters, but the line is perfectly straight this year. And when I'm stupid, I'll admit to being stupid.
  • The last play of Michigan State/Michigan may be the greatest ending in college football history.  I bet I've replayed that twenty times. 
  • I came downstairs on Saturday and saw Mrs. LL. watching Sex Tape. (Ok, everyone tap the brakes  -- it's not what you think.). It's a comedy released in 2014 starring "Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, and Rob Lowe." Verdict: Huge thumbs up because that was a cleverly written script. Whenever you have to hit the pause button because you think you just got hit with a genius yet subtle line but the characters keep moving, it's good stuff. 
  • Mrs. LL and I went through my "home office" yesterday which has now turned into the biggest storage room in the history of ever. (I think we might have lost a dog in there.) We both came across scrapbooks and mementos from over ten years ago. I found a  20 year old letter from a high school friend who, upon reflection, seemed to be crying out for help but wouldn't come out and say it. I didn't realize it back then. Buried in it was "write me back." I didn't. And I never heard from him again. I walked out the room and said, "I'm such a [jerk.]"
  • How in the world can Prestonwood Baptist Church hold a presidential forum and keep its tax exempt status? 
  • Advil Cold and Sinus is like a miracle drug for me. 
  • I am seriously considering doing something I never thought I would do again. And it would require an official announcement. If I do it, I'll tell you this week -- right here. You know how I always use the phrase of "it's the equivalent of Walter White of Breaking Bad with a machine gun"? That means there's a guy going back to make things right -- and he has nothing to lose.