The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • At first I wasn't paying attention, but I think I witnessed the greatest moment at a hearing yesterday when a lawyer asked an officer what "brought your attention to the defendant." The answer? "His gladiator shoes." (Picture me looking at my iPad and then slowly looking up with a confused smile as those words rolled out.) He went further and said that footwear was associated with "lewd" behavior.  You know what I thought? "Are you not entertained!!" Yes. Yes, I was. 
  • Headline that made my head explode: "Southlake life coach accused of bilking U.S. out of $26 million." Once you get past "life coach" and the amount of money you realize that the government got screwed.  But wait. There's more! The second paragraph of the story starts with "As a self-professed firewalker . . . . " (So she might not even be an actual firewalker?) This world is getting crazy.
  • Donald Trump still leads the Republican party race with 27%.  TRUMP! 
  • Trump has so much money in the bank that he doesn't even have to raise any funds but he's still collected over $5 million from people who support him.  (But that's nothing for a presidential race. Ted Cruz has begged for money and has collected over $60 million.)
  • I wonder who is more powerful: A "drug lord" or a "kingpin"? And which name is cooler?
  • I feel pretty good about my last Crazy Sports Weekend when Norm Hitzges does a whole segment ranting and raving about how he saw New Orleans Saints game and an LSU game last weekend. (Sports brag and cue the orchestra music: I did that four years ago.) 
  • Mrs. LL turned into Woody Harrelson in Game Change last night as she pointed her finger at me and barked out  instructions and guidance.  And I'll be dang if I didn't look at her and say, "You're right."
  • But we had a great moment as I calmed her down by saying, "Yo! Yolanda! What does Fonzie say!? What does Fonzie say!?"
  • For some reason I watched an old episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Great, great stuff. Larry David is the kind of guy who would hear "gladiator shoes" and slowly look up. 
  • Mrs. LL's mother texted her yesterday after she saw my last bullet point. It read, "So your husband is retiring and going to start a meth lab?" (She has a great and wicked sense of humor.) 
  • As many issues as current Dallas DA Susan Hawk has, her predecessor continues to catch heat.