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Wow. Former Rhome Officer Talks About Using Deadly Force.

He went from Rhome PD to the Nocona PD and ended up being called to the home of an off duty Montague Deputy who was killed. This is pretty riveting. It is a verbatim reproduction of his post which you can see more of in the following link.

From Facebook this morning:

Dear folks, good people of Rhome, many of you have come to me personally in the past requesting assistance or simply providing information against this illegal organization calling itself the City Council of Rhome and/or it's police chief. Today Deborah Becraft made an attempt to manipulate my feelings on their behalf via a Facebook post. I am choosing to show that not only did her attempt fail, but just how desperate such a poor person must be.

As those of you who reached out to me know, I have dedicated my life to serve and protect others. I am a police officer, a firefighter, and an EMT. I am a humble, servant-leader who wishes only to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and to protect the peaceful from violence and disorder. It is an oath I took and have remained faithful to.

As a police officer, I have been trained to handle a variety of situations. I always strived to gain compliance with a gentle word and when that wouldn't do, the absolute minimal use of force. Unfortunately on the morning of February 9th I had to use the ultimate force. Deadly force.

I was the only police officer on duty for the City of Nocona when I was sent to the home if an off-duty Sheriff's deputy. He was reported to be intoxicated, in possession of a weapon, and the caller was afraid that he was suicidal and/or would hurt someone. I requested back up from the Sheriff's Office and other officer's who lived in town but I knew that I didn't have time to wait the 20+ minutes it would take. I went to the home on Jordan drive and while my intent had been to wait for additional officers, I could hear the fight intensify and I became concerned for the safety of the innocent family inside. I entered the house and began calming the suspect. For nearly half an hour I gave my everything to calming the suspect and ultimately, my efforts allowed the wife and her four year old child to safely escape to safety.

What happened next is still hard for me to tell. Three young boys remained asleep in an adjacent bedroom when additional law enforcement arrived outside. In the end, I'll never know if he intended to kill me and those children or if it was a suicide, but without warning, the suspect pulled a .40 caliber handgun from his pocket. I reacted as I had been trained and drew my weapon. I shouted the command "drop the gun!" before he forced me to fire.

In less than a second it was over. As deputies rushed the house, I immediately called for EMS, a medevac helicopter, and had a deputy retrieve my EMT bag from my patrol car. The suspect's weapon was removed from him and I began to treat the injuries that I had been forced to inflict upon him. Despite my best efforts, he died.

Outside the residence, I felt my legs buckle and I fell to my knees. Without warning I began to cry and to pray out for that man. I didn't want his little boys growing up without their dad. All I wanted then, was for him to be ok.

In April 2015 the shooting was presented to a Montague County Grand Jury and I was cleared of any wrongdoing. I resigned from the agency the next week and chose to focus on my own health. I had to get away.

My attempts to live a quiet life have been shattered by the blatant disregard for professionalism, manners, the rule of law, and plain common sense. I am an honorable man and could not stand aside and watch this town be destroyed.

So go ahead Mrs Becraft, do your best to try and open that wound, but I assure you I have made peace with it. Also you're going to want to be careful with what information you release. Any attempt to release personal or identify information about me is not only criminal, but will be met with the swiftest legal action possible.

To all those who read this story, I only ask that you keep the family of Larry Hostetter in your prayers, because they will forever be in mine.

Robert D Gillock