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Give One Guy An Emmy And Get Another Guy An Ambulance

Texas lost on Saturday (talk about a heartbreaker) but may have it's wheels back on if they have found their quarterback.

But my favorite part was above.

And here's the guy that looked like he needed an ambulance:


Anonymous said...

I was at the game, the guy clearly hurt his shoulder during the play. He may have been told to go down, but it was because he wasn't smart enough to know what to do about his shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Texas finally got rid of Darth Vader as Athletic Director. About time.

DF Orangeblood

Anonymous said...

Cal plays no defense. This will just make the sips think they can win. They will lose the next 3 and it will be spectacular.

Anonymous said...

That UT kid needs to take up professional soccer. Players go down without being touched the entire game. They roll around like they've broken every bone in their foot/ankle/knee, and then are running around fine in 2 minutes.

DLW said...

The UT kid in the video is out for shoulder surgery.