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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I received an email from a stranger yesterday praising Liberally Lean but strenuously objecting to the the Random Thought Girls because it objectifies women. I agreed with her, but I told her "they come for the girls but stick around for the content." Heck, Fox News even uses that method. She actually replied and said that made sense. 
  • I spoke with a former Wise County deputy yesterday who told me that he was taking his son to Van Halen and had second row seats. He later posted the following photo of Eddie Van Halen as proof. Pretty, pretty good seats. 
  • I think I'll go: "The over 2,500-member Texas A&M Corps of Cadets will march in Fort Worth beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday." That link will tell you the route they will take. I've never seen the whole group in a parade, but I certainly know their halftime band performance is the best in the nation. 
  • BagofNothing has a pic this morning of the Pope petting Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, in the Oval Office in front of the President and the First Lady. The fact that Bo was born and raised in Boyd makes me smile to no end. If he could only talk. 
  • On Friday morning on The Ticket, the Pick-The-Weekend-Football-Games segment had a "guest picker" who was a female from Paradise.  She was pretty funny, and they liked her. And she said she commuted every day to Irving for work. (What a beating.) Who was she?
  • My obsession with Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)* continues. The ending confuses people (but not me - no spoilers), but I noticed last night there is audible yet subtle street chatter while the credits run. That was not done by accident.  *Great title, by the way. 
  • Do prosecutor offices still have "Hot Check Divisions".  I always thought it was was weird that a District or County Attorney could serve as a public debt collector for private entities in the first place. 
  • "There is something about the DA position which attracts the crazies." - Gordon Keith on the The Ticket morning at 7:18 a.m.  And that makes me un-crazy as of 1999 when I faxed the Messenger a press release saying I wouldn't run for a third term. (I wish I had just written, "I'm done.")
  • Much to Mrs. LL's chagrin, I'll go to sleep with the TV on but with the volume off. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and see some pretty crazy movies. (Many which cause me to sheepishly hope she doesn't wake up and see me watching.)  Nit I looked up two nights ago and had to hit the "info" button when I saw a 1991 movie starring Ed O'Neill (Modern Family), JoBeth Williams (Poltergiest), Ethan Embry (Rusty from Vegas Vacation and current commercial star), Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore). Elizabeth Daily (the adorable Dolly from Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Lorny from Valley Girl), Laverne Scott Caldwell (Rose from Lost), and Arnold Palmer (playing himself.)  I thought I was insane. 
  • College Football: Here is a graphic of every college team that Lee Corso has not picked on College Gameday. He makes a selection every week based upon the campus they will visit on Saturday. Ole Miss and West Virginia stick out. Baylor is on the list but there's only been on chance for Corso to pick them which was last year. He was wrong and picked K-State.
  • This front page is presented only because of the very funny word of "Amarilloans" . . . 


Anonymous said...

I believe the 1991 movie you're referring to is called Dutch.

I remember having a choice to see either that or Terminator 2 at the movies that summer.

I chose T2.

Anonymous said...

It's not a graphic of every college football team Lee Corso has not picked. He did not pick Delaware State a couple years ago, when he had the chance.

Anonymous said...

I believe the funny girl from paradise is also the wannabe model from paradise

Anonymous said...

I feel infinite gratitude for Barry's toxic seed.


Anonymous said...

Skippy, what's with the pretty, pretty comments?

Anonymous said...

We need a US attorney that will go after the 6 billion dollars that went missing under Hillary's watch at the State Dept. If she had been a CEO of a private company that happened to, she would be in prison where she belongs. Being associated with the Clinton Crime Family pays very well. Just ask Huma Weiner.

Anonymous said...

The Poppa is speaking to Congress. Where is the outrage from all the separation of church and state weenies?

Anonymous said...

To each his own. I would feel odd, as a middle-aged man, posting pictures of young women in bikinis, some teenagers, on my blog and then having them rated and discussed by other men, probably gap-toothed, out of shape and middle-aged too, as to their suitability as sexual partners.

Anonymous said...

Van Halen is still alive?

Anonymous said...

Re: the Aggie Band.
They certainly do what they do very well. They have been performing the same few non-complex marches and formations for how long? Marching in straight lines presents challenges, but so do arcs. Tradition is highly valued there, innovation along with tradition is valued at other universities. If you believe that no one has had a good idea since about 1924, then sure, whoop.

Anonymous said...

First time I've seen a pick of Obammy's dog. I should have known it would be black and white. Mostly black.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Green.

We may be outscored during the game, but we NEVER lose the halftime.

DF Fighting Texas Aggie Band

ps - hate that damn MOB (Marching Owl Band). reference the fireplug incident. kidding - it was actually good bull.

Anonymous said...

The Amarilloans going to Philly to meet the pope are taking wind powered buses.

Anonymous said...

"There is something about the DA position which attracts the crazies." - Gordon Keith

Ol' Gordon Todd Keith is the pot doncha know. And he's calling the kettle, black. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Does your blog objectify women, or do they do it to themselves by capturing and then posting those images on the www?

Anonymous said...

Although Barry misidentified it, the Corso graphic refers to FBS teams only. Delaware State is an FCS team and is thus not included.

Anonymous said...

LOL at 9:51 thinking CEOs go to jail for the crimes they commit. To be fair, some of them do - about as frequently as politicians.

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never watched a halftime show. More to it than non-complex, straight lines.

Anonymous said...

A couple of random thoughts:

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Anonymous said...

Rhome Facebook page has more action than Aggie band.

Sam Brows said...

ARGH! When the District Attorney is requested to prosecute a hot check, he/she is NOT being requested to act as a public debt collector, he/she IS being asked to enforce the stinkin' law. I find it funny that more District Attorneys don't take this particular job seriously. If someone walks into a store and uses a gun to walk out with $250.00 worth of groceries, it is a crime. It is also a crime when that same person uses a piece of paper (i.e., the check) to steal those same groceries. I've heard of apologetics for Christianity, but never before today for the D.A. club.

Anonymous said...

10:41 - Will you please cite some sources?

Anonymous said...

For a particularly moving example of the A&M Corps of Cadets tradition, make an effort to attend a Silver Taps ceremony. Silver Taps ceremonies are held to honor students who died while enrolled as graduate or undergraduate students at A&M at the time of their death. It's very moving in its simplicity and precision.

Anonymous said...

Agree "Amarilloans" is a funny word. I recently heard a Kerrville resident refer to his neighbors as "Kerrverts". Surprised this group hasn't come up with a name for those residing in Rhome.

Anonymous said...

Aggie Band: Until you have marched 6 to 5 with no errors for an entire half-time show, don't knock military marching. It will always remain much more intricate than the 'shows' today, where everyone runs somewhere, then stops, plays a while, runs to a new location, and repeats the process. Flags waving everywhere, sometimes synchronized, oft-times not, are there to distract from the chaos and errors.
In the day, Bridgeport's MMM was among the top bands in the area because of their military style half-time shows and a drill team that was so synchronized they appeared to be cloned. You KNEW the band had arrived when over a hundred kids marched single file from the gate of the stadium and past the stands, and the drum corps played till all were in their section.

Anonymous said...


Yea, but at least Gordo is funny.

DF Vaginal Slice Born Born

Anonymous said...

10:41a - Someone appears to love numbers. REALLY loves numbers!

DF Gallup Poll

Anonymous said...

But on those statistics, what is the percentage of naught divided by naught after you have carried the naught? I never got that far in my cyphering.

DF Jethro Bodine
Cyphering Genius

Anonymous said...

Military marching, when done right, is complex and difficult.

Show-corps marching, when done right, is complex and difficult.

To argue that either one of them is not just reveals your ignorance (willful or otherwise) regarding the subject.

Anonymous said...

We never marched that well, but I always thought we had a pretty rad band.

DF Jerry Garcia
DF The Grateful Dead

Anonymous said...

Women.... flowers.... sunsets.... all visually pleasing to the eye.

People like to see things that are attractive.

If you don't carry yourselves to be pleasing to the eye.... you better have other talents....personality, intelligence, common sense, etc. The more you have the greater the quality of the person.

Visual attraction is innate.... it's part of the natural selection.

Anonymous said...

Possible names for Rhome residents:

and finally: Felons

DF Google Maps

Anonymous said...

Some on this string remind me of the band nerd in our office who always tried to compare his high school marching band practice to our football workouts.

Whatever lets you sleep at night, nerdy.

Anonymous said...

Only to find out 10 years later the band nerd is your boss and your his little bitch. But hey at least you have the high school football memories you dumb shit.

DF Band Nerd

mzchief said...

The contents of the comment at 10:10 is an excerpt from the book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam written by Peter Hammond. The data has been supported by analysis obtained by the CIA and was chiefly compiled using CIA world data.

Anonymous said...

"I think I'll go: "The over 2,500-member Texas A&M Corps of Cadets will march in Fort Worth beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday." That link will tell you the route they will take. I've never seen the whole group in a parade, but I certainly know their halftime band performance is the best in the nation."

Annnnd yet again, what BG "knows" to be true.... ain't necessarily so.

The Corps Of Cadets is a FINE marching band. They need apologize to NO ONE.

But they're not Ohio State. They're not USC.

They tend to march at right angles. Their sound is good.

Not taking anything away from them-- just saying that they're not the best.

Anonymous said...

8:16 has "little man syndrome" or something similar.

And no, he is not/was not my boss. He no longer works for us because he couldn't cut it. Work was too hard.


Anonymous said...

The Texas A&M Fighting Texas Aggie Band is the best in the world. I would go for sure!

When they play those first few notes of The Aggie War Hymn, WE GO CRAZY!! "Hullabalo Caneck Caneck.."

You should also go to a Midnight Yell sometime also!

My stepfather was a proud member of The Corp of Cadets, "The Keeper of the Spirit". Thank heaven he entered our lives early in life, to switch me from Baylor to A&M in the second grade, and I took his "Aggie Oath". Growing up in Waco, whew, I was surrounded by Bears-my stepmother's family owned and operated the Baylor Drug Store for generations.

I married an Aggie, so we keep the traditions going. Gig 'em!

Side note: as much as we fervently "hate" t.u., google their halftime performance at Kyle Field in 1999 following Bonfire tragedy. We all cried during that. Gave me chills then, and still does to this day. In the end, we are all Texans. I have huge respect for them. Good Bull!

#BTHOarkansas #ItsAboutUs Eat roasted bacon!

Anonymous said...

1:54 has that Aggie enthusiasm that we all appreciate as being infectious, a little obnoxious, and cult-like.

I question her objectivity about the quality of the band. If they're wearing maroon boots with the serif'd TX A&M logo on their uniform, I suspect that they could be marching with kazoos, and the Aggies would cheer themselves hoarse.


Anonymous said...

4:31pm--DAMN STRAIGHT! Question all you want....