I Need Smart People To Tell Me What Is Going On Here

This gal just "Favorited" a tweet that my name was mentioned in last March. Very, very odd. I got an automatic notification from Twitter once it happened. Obviously, it is a fake profile, but what's going on?

You can see "her" twitter handle so you can look her up -- at least before "she" takes it down. (Nudity alert). And there is a phone number (I would use incredible caution if you are thinking about calling it as a joke.) Am I correct when I say the number comes back to Azle?

If you do look at her profile, do a Google image search on any of the images. They will lead to other profiles of the same "girl" on different sites but with different 817 numbers.

It's a scam. It's bait. But how does it work?

Edit: Someone said it's just "trolling". No it's not. There is an end game. What is it?