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Tuesday Afternoon Golf Swing Analysis

A video posted by Katrina Brodsky (@keller_rose) on

Pretty ... pretty ... pretty good.


Anonymous said...

My swing looks exactly like that, except:

*I'm not a hot girl.
*I drop my club frequently.
*My ball doesn't go that far at all.
*The local driving range has requested I stop coming because my swings scare small children, make women cry, and causes pets to fowl themselves.
*I often lose control of my bladder on a swing such as that.

Other than that, my swing is exactly like hers.

DF Lee Trevino's 4th Cousin

Anonymous said...

An attractive woman and the words "swinging club." That's how rumors get started.

Anonymous said...

She's going past parallel at the top of her back swing, but her backside makes up for that error.

Having your glutes working correctly is important.

Double Fake Tiger Woods

Anonymous said...

She can play with my balls if she runs out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's such a good swing, I could watch it all day.

Anonymous said...

I would let her swing my Big Bertha.

DF Happy Gilmore

Anonymous said...

Not happy about the video ads that keep popping up.....