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Get Me This Pastor Couple!

I just came from a funeral in Decatur where Rev. Ray Harmon & Rev. Wendy Harmon spoke for just a few moments. They came in from their church in Plano where the church meets in a movie theater.

I don't know anything about them, but they captivated me. And I'm guessing everyone else.

Heartfelt, earnest, and funny ("I've got a little ghetto in me"). And incredibly sweet.

Kate Fostel had attended their church over the last year. The female pastor, while giving a rousing message,  brought out a gift bag next to the pulpit and said that she had "a little something for the family". I promise, at that point, no one knew what to expect. What was it? A sign in sheet from their church's bible study group. An original from a past study. On it, was Kate's signature -- it was the first one she ever attended there.

Pass me the Kleenex.