The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Never have understood the hand signs.
  • Jerry Jones just had a second hip replacement a week ago?
  • I heard a rumor that some kids at Decatur High School were having the lug nuts on their cars loosened without their knowledge.
  • In August of 1994, when DA, I wrote a snooty letter to the County Court at Law Judge over who had jurisdiction of the jury room when there was a scheduling conflict: Me if I needed it for a grand jury or him if he needed it for a trial jury.  From time to time, his court administrator who is the same one, will reach down in her file drawer with the greatest smile on her face and pull out that letter to remind me about it. That happened yesterday.  That letter is 21 years old. And she must preserve it like the Constitution in the National Archives.
  • A partial sentence from today's Update about a police chase in Bridgeport that will stop you down:    " . . .  turning down First Street and then driving down the railroad tracks until wrecking his vehicle on the tracks."
  • As 9/11 was unfolding that morning, as all of our heads were spinning and we still weren't sure what was going on, my dad called me. I remember asking, "This is my generation's Pearl Harbor, right?"  I remember having a little hesitation before I asked the question because what could possibly compare to Pearl Harbor? He said, "Yes, it is."
  • And does anyone else find it hard to believe that 9/11 occurred 14 years ago? 
  • Baylor has not sold out its home opener tomorrow. Ranked 4th in the nation, defending conference champion, and the second year of the new stadium. Amazing. But there has been article after article of declining attendance of students and young graduates at college games. A couple of years ago I went to an LSU game against Washington -- everyone told me I had to see a night game there -- and there were huge open sections in the upper deck.
  • But TV ratings for college and pro games continues to soar. I bet attendance at all sporting events declines over the years as the population becomes more and more composed of people who have always had smart phones, high def giant TVs, and constant entertainment.  Hey, I'm already at that point for Cowboy games. I received free tickets to a Seahawks game three or four years ago, and I'll never go again because it was such a beating.
  • A 7 year old from Alvord in in the Update's obits. Anyone know anything?
  • Trump is all about Trump. My new theory:  In the beginning, he thought he had no chance but could get on the debate stage and do a bit that would get everyone talking. And then after the free publicity, he would drop out with a rant about how politics are corrupt, "only for losers", and he has multi-million corporations to run. I still think he'll drop out with bang, but now there's a chance he could win the first  two or three primaries. If he drops out after that, he's an icon (for something) and truly an historic political figure. Heck, we still talk about Ross Perot.