The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I was passed by five Bandido motorcycle riders on 287 yesterday. I'm pretty sure they all gave me a knowing nod of appreciation because of my continued rants against the Waco Bikers prosecution. Hey, how are those prosecutions working out down there?
  • Donald Trump goes rogue again by insulting rival candidate Carly Fiorina: "Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?"  Will it hurt him? No. What have I always said after he does something like this? The people who love him still love him. And everyone else that was even remotely thinking about voting for him take another step back. 
  • Huge kudos to Collin County for not being reckless on costs for the special prosecutors in the Texas AG Ken Paxton case. They originally budgeted $2 million (which is ridiculous). They then slashed it to $285,000 after reviewing the cost of the capital murder case in Kaufman County (where a DA, his wife, and assistant were murdered.) Now they are leaning towards $33,000. 
  • I couldn't look at the slideshow at the funeral yesterday for Kate who died in her earlier thirties. I didn't know why because I've never had a problem with slideshows at funerals before. Then someone explained it to me: She was young. There should have been so many more slides. 
  • And the pastor referenced below had a great message when he mentioned the program in our hands had Kate's date of birth and date of death printed on it and how they were separated by a tiny dash. That's typical. I whole lifetime represented in print by a dash. (He went on to talk about "your dash".)
  • The Evil Empire may have an attendance problem next year if (1) they have a bad year, and (2) Charlie Strong comes back. Why: Ticket prices: A season ticket holder "said he was surprised last spring when he was told his $800 tickets in Section 31 would cost him $1,050 this year." You have to be pretty faithful to keep sending in money. There are 15,000 unsold tickets for the season opener. 
  • The Kentucky County Clerk, Kim "I'm-Not-Issuing-Marriage-Licenses-To-Gays" Davis makes $80,000 a year plus benefits. (Credit: BagOfNothing). The population of that county is 23,477 -- Wise County is far more than twice that number. Side Note: How many marriage licenses to same sex couples could there possibly be in that tiny Kentucky county?
  • Ebby Halliday was 104.  For an unknown reason I thought about Billy Graham. He is 96.