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Random Wednesday Morning Posts

  • I'm exhausted.
  • Part of that may be because realizing a cold front was roaring through with rain in the middle of the night so I fought to stay up and listen to it.
  • One of my best qualities is that I document almost everything that occurs that I think is significant.
  • "Fearing retaliation after the wave of high-profile ambushes of officers across the country, the [Dallas Police Association ] president, Ron Pinkston, wrote a letter to Chief David Brown asking him to stop releasing the identities of cops involved in shootings." That's all we need: Secret police.
  • I missed the death of "Shootin' Blind" author Harlan Bridwell. He was 97. Recall that a few months back I posted several of his columns written in the 1960's in Bridgeport Index and they were a fantastic snapshot of the time.  I think I said it then: He was doing his own Random Thoughts when I was in diapers.
  • The killing of the dentist in an Uptown apartment complex in Dallas keeps getting more confusing after each passing day. I've learned this over the years: Nothing may be as it seems.
  • I never thought I would underestimate the anger of the Texas Longhorn fans. They are not pleased.
  • Bud Kennedy on Twitter reminded us that a Euless Trinity player intentionally ran over a referee in 2008. (Safety goes after him at around :20 mark.)
  • A Wise County deputy  loses his job and is arrested for letting the guys on the work crew use his personal phone and giving them access to cigarettes? Yeah, it's "against the law" but we live in a day and time where everyone gets crushed for the tiniest infractions. You ever know some of the inmates on the work crew? Most are pretty good guys. I almost hope it is more than someone wanting to call his momma and wanting to have a pack of smokes.
  • In case you missed the Messenger article of a "panicked mother" being arrested by a DPS trooper for "reckless driving" once she discovered her kindergarten son had been put on the wrong bus. Here ya go. And the kid had never ridden a bus before.
  • You may notice my posts have been few over the last few days. I cannot tell you, for now, why that is. However, I will.
  • Another bad quality of me once I go into "Intense Thinking Mode". I lose track of time. The Junior In The House's electricity project that had me working deep into the night comes to mind. (But I kept at it and I finally figured it out.)