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Williamson County Will Always Make Prosecution News

It seemed like a small issue that snowballed. A judge issued a gag order in a case (always seems silly), she then sent an email to the Austin American Statesman to respond to an allegation she with held evidence in the case (damage control might be worth violating the gag order), the judge gets mad and orders her to appear at a hearing (predictable), and then she doesn't show up (uh, oh.)

She actually got 10 days in jail but is out on bond.

The judge is retired but is presiding over the case as a "visiting judge".  He's been around a long time in the Houston area and gained some unwanted press when he presided over the "sleeping defense lawyer" case where the defendant received the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

"So that's all I have to say about that." isn't exactly the wisest choice of words when responding to a Judge's order in writing.

Anonymous said...

Never make the judge angry. Never.

DF Judge Dredd

Anonymous said...

I agree. See where it got me.

DF Hamilton Burger

Anonymous said...

All this bothering of criminals simply must stop.