The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know if indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is guilty but his best defense might be that he's not smart enough to commit securities fraud.
  • I dog Joel Osteen all the time but a guy who I really have my eye is Frisco pastor Keith Craft. Something doesn't seem right. 
  • "The Texas Legislature left it up to county commissioners to decide whether the sheriff, constables, the district and county clerks, treasurer and tax assessor-collector must file" personal financial statements. I did not know that. (The Denton Record Chronicle provided convenient links to all campaign financial reports and personal financial reports last week.)
  • You do realize that if someone is pro-choice that they hope there is never an abortion, right? 
  • Lockheed Martin's F-35 has been cleared for combat. At a cost of around $100 million a piece, is it worth it? How many drones capable of surgical strikes would that much money buy? 
  • Mrs. LL has poison ivy. I keep trying to convince her it is leprosy. 
  • Someone asked me what would happen if I fought Ronda Rousey. I feel comfortable in saying that I would be in the fight up until the moment she caught me and then killed me.
  • "Boyd ISD trustees will discuss and consider attaching a name to the district’s football stadium at a special meeting tonight."   I suppose it is a no brainer that they will name it Cartwright Stadium but it would be funny if they surprised us and  named it IGA Stadium or Allsups Stadium. 
  • Craziest home repair ever this weekend: I had to replace the inner workings of a toilet but discovered that the inline water line would not completely shut off the water (it was a pretty big trickle.) So how am I supposed to disconnect the running inline water connection and fix the toilet?  Uh . . . PVC pipe!! I created the craziest setup where the water drained into the shower while I fixed it. It was right out of the Three Stooges. 
  • Blows my mind every time I see it: "With 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States holds about a quarter of the global prison population."
  • A NASCAR driver almost killed his pit crew.
  • Very random sports observation: I watched the end of the Nebraska/Texas 2009 Big 12 Championship game over the weekend and that last minute might have been the worst time management by Mack Brown in the history of ever. I think he would have been fired the next day if that one second wasn't put back on the clock. 
  • Had someone ask me if I could do it all over again and could go to any college I wanted (cost and being admitted are a given), where would I go. That really got me thinking. I was torn between the West Coast with options of USC, UCLA, Cal-Berkley, Stanford, or Pepperdine and the South with top options of LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Georgia or South Carolina, and the obligatory Ivy League and Northeast school choices of Harvard, Yale, MIT or NYU. 
  • Baylor's Lache Seastrunk might not even make the Cowboys final roster but it's amazing that a guy who holds the all time Big 12 record for yards per carry can't make it in the NFL.
  • I saw online that an old girlfriend announced she was getting married for the third time.  I almost messaged her with a line of "So you're telling me there's a chance?"  But age and maturity caused me to walk away from the keyboard.