The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Donald Trump continues to soar in the Republican polls. Fox News is giddy about this. I'm giddy about this. How crazy is that?  I'm searching for an analogy because I think this is a train wreck/self implosion in the making while others think he's the conservative savior. Help me out.
  • If you refer to Ted Nugent as "Uncle Ted", I'm worried about you.
  • College Game Day is coming back to Sundance Square to kick off the college football season. I went down there last year and will probably do it again. (Get ready for an Alabama invasion.)
  • The Messenger is about to give us a bunch of pictures of the new V.R. Eaton High School which is off of 287 past the Saginaw cutoff.  That place is massive and seems to be surrounded by more athletic fields than Valley Ranch.  Question: How is traffic going to work for that thing?
  • This morning Mark Davis promoted an upcoming investing seminar in Tyler presented by "Pastor David Mitchell". I googled it and this is what is on the "buy tickets" page for the seminar: "BUY 1 TICKET FOR $99.95 ($4,500 VALUE) GET 1 FREE!"   You kidding me? On a different page, they actually have a $4,500 button below the $99.95 button in an apparent effort to prove it really is a $4,500 value. My incredible distrust for this group and desire to run as far as possible away from them is only exceeded by their hubris. (And there seems to be a strong Baylor presence in that group.)
  • I will continue to offer Liberally Lean for free for the foreseeable future -- That's a $4,500 value.
  • I learned Jason Garrett has 28 nieces and nephews. I have two.
  • Anyone want to justify this: Video shows third grader handcuffed (around his arms) by Kentucky deputy.  (That caused me to yell at the TV last night.) 
  • BagOfNothing writes about going to Burger's Lake yesterday. I went there when I was 17 years old -- in the middle of a spell of teenage heartbreak angst -- and have never been back. That's amazing because I loved that place. Afterwards, my two buddies and I stopped at some place on Lake Worth and jumped off a platform which had to be over 50 feet tall.  They dove. I just jumped.
  • I was working for my dad at his store on that day, and I timidly asked to take the afternoon off. He did. But he also said, "You need to decide if you want to work or you want to play."  There are the oddest moments in your life that you will never forget and which will have an impact forever. 
  • As expected, Boyd ISD named the high school football stadium after former coach J.G. Cartwright last night. But I got caught up by this extra sentence about the story in this morning's Update: "Trustees also awarded the Boyd Elementary roof project to American Pride of Dallas."  In addition to being an odd fact to add to the story, I started to laugh at a company which named itself "American Pride".  What are the chances of there being a bald eagle in the company's logo? Spoiler alert: They do.  How they don't have Lee Greenwood automatically playing has to be an oversight.