The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Republican debate was beyond entertaining. I've said it before, because of Trump, we are watching the most bizarre political drama in American history. And with Trump's constant threat to run as an Independent (and, boy, did he double down on that last night), he now single handedly controls the Republican nomination. 
  • Mrs. LL turned to me during the debate and asked, "He can't possibly win, can he?" I paused. I thought. I paused. I thought. And then I said, "I no longer know."
  • Is there anything more irrelevant the Fox's Frank Luntz and his "focus group"? Who are those people? I don't even think they reflect the views of Fox News viewers. (They bashed Donald Trump after the debate as if they had never seen Trump before.)
  • I think Trump's poll numbers will rise but I also think the Republican base is beginning to realize there might be a problem.  And Fox News has no idea what to do now.  He's like an unplanned pregnancy caused by their past reckless rhetoric. 
  • Rand Paul tried to use the Fourth Amendment to win the debate last night. Note to Paul: The hardliners can't find the Fourth Amendment. That will get you no where. (I heard Mark Davis this morning criticize Paul and actually used the phrase "Those heroes at the NSA who are keeping us safe." The NSA is the government organization reading your emails and listening to your phone calls without a warrant.)
  • First item in the Update is Chaos-In-Rhome related: Two city councilmen resign as well as the City Administration. But the City Administrator is also Chief of Police and he'll keep that job. Wait. What? 
  • One more debate thought: A subject that wasn't part of the debate was the economy. Oh, how far we've come. 
  • Few details, but four people, including three teenagers, were killed in a wrong way driver type crash near Greenville last night. 
  • Viking Adrian Peterson's two year probation for injury to a child was reduced from two years to nine months by the presiding judge. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon (a big "look at me" kind of DA) said the judge seemed "enamored with an elite athlete." Enjoy your next court appearance, buddy.  (Ligon has always been a government employee. Well, except for the time he worked as a lawyer for Houston Police Officer's Union where he was paid by union fees taken from the government checks of the officers.) 
  • Had another out of town lawyer ask me at a docket yesterday, "How does all of this work?" With mixed emotions, a nicely told him how it all works.
  • I keep hearing a ton of commercials for pre-paid legal defense (both civil and criminal) for CHL holders.  It seems to run about $10 a month.  I'd like to know the number of CHL holders who have been sued or criminally prosecuted in Texas for using a gun. Not a single case comes to mind.