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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • A sex offender in Fort Worth, who has ties to Wichita Falls, walked away from a halfway house last night.  You know what's odd? This wasn't an escape from prison. It was the second time someone has "escaped" from being incarcerated after being housed due to Texas' "civil commitment" law. (That's basically a law that allows someone who has been convicted of a sexual offense to be indefinitely incarcerated even though they have served their prison sentence.)
  • Darren Woodson is going into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor.  He and I went to Las Vegas together once. Some might say we happened to be on the same plane together, but that would be just a trivial side note. 
  • It sounds like someone committed suicide by stepping in front of a train in Keller this morning. I guess if you have worked up the nerve to kill yourself, you can work up the nerve to do it in a violent way. (I suspect BNSF would appreciate other methods.)
  • “We have a real anxiousness about Islamic people, Muslim people coming to Farmersville . . . You just can't trust them." - Pastor David Meeks of Bethlehem Baptist Church at a city meeting last night about a proposed Muslim cemetery. (Man, that name sounds familiar.)
  • For the heck of it, I went out and again tried to turn the cut off valve for the water to the house last night. To my surprise, it easily turned with no problems. I'm guessing letting the WD-40 sink in for a couple of days did the trick. 
  • For some reason last night I decided to watch the Breaking Bad episode where Walt says, "No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!"
  • Did Dallas survive the EXXXotica Expo? I have been looking for news reports of pillars of salt. 
  • Ok, enough Sodom and Gomorrah humor.  But before Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt, his reaction and response to a crowd which at gathered at his door will ill intentions has to be one of the most bizarre stories in the Bible
  • I'm not sure the DFW weatherman aren't doing a bit regarding this weekend's temperature. It started at 103. Then one went with 104. Pete Delkus has now gone to 107 for Sunday. Fox 4 matched him and then went to 108 for Monday. 
  • Rick Perry failed to crack the top ten so won't be in the Republican debate tomorrow.  With only 2% of Republican support, I think I'd call it a day. After 15 years as governor where his taxpayer funded salary reached $150,000 and where he lived free in the governor's mansion (or lived free of charge in a rent house at a taxpayer cost of $10,000 a month), and since he now receives a taxpayer funded pension of $92,376, I think he has done enough for us. 
  • Man, look at these pictures and get your popcorn ready . . .