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Tweeting Texas Supreme Court Justices

Hey, that's fine. I'd do the same thing -- always wanted to walk around that place. But in this day and time, I'd be scared of everything if I'm a politician. Insert future Bubba opponent: "This man visited Cadillac Ranch and had a smile on his face!"  As silly and ridiculous as that sounds, we are falling into Idiocracy as warp speed.

Then again, I might be guilty of Idiocracy myself because I might use bad comedy as a reason to vote against someone:


Anonymous said...

Obama is watching Sports Center right now,

Anonymous said...

Brown did OK. I was there a few weeks ago, and the trash was unbelievable. And I don't mean your average Republican from Lubbock that was visiting, there were cans everywhere.

I can see them tearing it down. Too bad about Marsh, and even mores for his victims.


Anonymous said...

He was just wondering what she does there in the back of her pink Cadillac, with plush leather seats.

DF Bruce Springsteen

Anonymous said...

I was there a few weeks ago, and the trash was unbelievable. I mean it was like an Occupy Wall St., million(more like 1 thousand) man march, or Kermit Gosnell's abortion office.

Anonymous said...

Are they still considering tearing it down? That article is dated 2/4/13.