Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is now a rumor Al Gore is thinking about running for President. Joe Biden is considering the same thing. I'm all for anything that brings more entertainment.
  • The parents of the guy Tony Stewart ran over and killed in a dirt track race are suing him.  They are alleging negligence but many people still think Stewart intentionally killed him. Hey, let's say Stewart did do it intentionally. Does the analogy used by the cop shooting apologists of "if the dead guy hadn't gotten out of his car and walked out onto the track, all of this wouldn't of happened" work for you?
  • I had a blog reader stop by my office yesterday just to meet me. You think I had any trepidation in walking up front to meet him?  Nice guy by the way.
  • One thing he said that confused me and that I should have explored (but I was probably still scanning him for a weapon) was: "I disagree with most of what you say. I'm a Libertarian and lean a little to the left."
  • "There were more than 650 reports through Sunday by pilots of drones flying near manned aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Thursday. There were 238 unmanned-aircraft sightings in all of 2014." What's the over/under on the number of months or years before one brings down an airliner?
  • In 2012 I asked whether any drone company was publically traded because I wanted to invest in it. It's probably still not too late.
  • At the first of this year, the conventional wisdom was that Texas could withstand a drop in oil prices for about six months before an employment blood bath would begin. Yesterday oil hit $41.35 a barrel -- the lowest price in six years.
  • DFW media notice: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals has just issued a ruling in the bizarre case of former Arlington PD officer Tibor Kovacs.
  • According to the Update, "Rhome Councilwoman Dawn Davis has withdrawn her resignation from the council." Aren't there some weird rules when a public official announces a resignation? Very quick research just told me it has to be in writing and becomes effective when accepted by the city council or if eight day pass without action by the council. 
  • DFW's first all-recliner Cinemark movie theater opened yesterday in Roanoke. I support this trend in opulence. 
  • "11-Year-Old in Paraguay Gives Birth to Girl After Being Denied An Abortion".  Republican candidates Florida senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker both oppose abortion without any exceptions.