The Campaign For DA


My Head Might Explode

Let's see what we've got:

  • A disabled vet (according to him and I have no reason to doubt him) parks in a handicap space
  • He's going to get "some alcohol"
  • It's Sunday
  • He gets detained by a cop because he doesn't look disabled despite the fact he has a handicapped permit
  • That vet just happens to be one cussing dude (LANGUAGE WARNING)
  • He's named "Isaiah" which is I think is cool
  • The cop and Isaiah just happen to both be black 
  • Both need to go to Anger Management (There's a lull in the middle but fires back up around the 7:30 mark)
  • Another cop, who just happens to be white, shows up and has to be thinking, "Isn't there some other job I can do instead of put up with all of this?" 
  • It's Florida!
  • "Florida police officer investigated after challenging US veteran over use of disabled parking space"
  • Underrated funny/disinterested walking guy by at 2:30 mark.