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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Arlington police chief fired the new officer who shot and killed the unarmed teenager at the car dealership. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. There is no way he gets fired two years ago. 
  • And what would be the instant reaction today about the Fort Worth police shooting in 2013 which killed a 72 year old in his garage when the cops went to the wrong house?
  • The sign at Grace Baptist Church in Decatur reads: "The Devil Is Immediately Fired". 
  • "The whole #MegynKelly thing: forgotten. Like it or not #DonaldTrump back in command with brilliant press conference and speech in Michigan" - Tweet by conservative talk radio host Mark Davis last night. Once again, I'll say (1) the GOP has no idea they are committing suicide, and (2) this is the most bizarre presidential campaign in history.
  • Speaking of Davis, former Farmer's Branch mayor Tim O'Hare (who ran the city into the ground by getting it sued) is filling in for Davis this week. Note to O'Hare: You are a horrible talk show host. You don't listen to what your callers are saying, and you stay on topic just about as much Dug the talking dog does. 
  • There was a couple arrested at Golden Triangle Regional Airport in Columbus, Mississippi after the Feds accused them of attempting to fly to Damascus to join ISIS.  WBAP's Brian Estridge said this morning, "The shocking news is that there is a direct flight from Columbus to Damascus."  I looked it up. There isn't. But that would have been shocking. 
  • This week the University of Texas had a true freshman linebacker and and a redshirt freshman running back leave the program. There were high expectations for both.  If the Empire has a bad season (which most predict), coach Charlie Strong will have one more year to show results or he will be fired. And I'm not certain he would get the extra year.
  • Random state legislator that I think might be crazy and/or clueless: Konni Burton. 
  • If you follow Mark Cuban on Twitter, you will be beaten down by his constant reference to an app which he has invested in. Despite the nauseating promotion, it will not survive. However, I've noticed that when the Dallas Morning News writes about Cuban they will always refer to that app in the story. Uh, payola? 
  • But today's Cuban ad did have him saying this: "If you don’t agree with every platform of the [Republican] party not only are you called a RINO, a 'Republican in Name Only.' You are considered unelectable in primaries and become a source of scorn on Fox News. That's a problem." I'll  be dang. I agree with him. 
  • Norm Hitzges is celebrating his 40th year in radio broadcasting. He's mentioned how he was paid only $15 for one hour's work at his first job on local public radio. A random inflation calculator told me $15 in 1975 is the equivalent of $65.00 today.