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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It's mind-boggling that Deflate-Gate has reached federal court and that a court had an all day hearing on the matter yesterday. But it was good to see the judge ask the NFL's lawyer, “What is the direct evidence that implicates Mr. Brady?” That pretty much tracks my awarding winning legal analysis of the case from a couple of weeks back. 
  • The federal judge hearing the case is named "Berman".  I wonder if he ever interrupted a lawyer with "Back, back, back, back up for a second." [Insert rim shot. Insert Hal Jay laugh. Insert groan.]
  • I've been going back and watching parts of Birdman again. I'm getting mildly obsessed. 
  • I haven't heard much about Decatur's Grayson Muehlstein who is a TCU quarterback (and probably getting yelled at by Gary Patterson at this moment just for fun).  I searched around and it seems like he is actually in the running for the backup spot to Trevone Boykin.  
  • Stolen from the Ticket: A great Sportsman of the Year cover for Sports Illustrated would be Jordan Spieth and Serena Williams riding American Pharoah. 
  • The AP released its Texas preseason high school football polls and Wise County did not represent.
  • Trump 2016 continues to roll. 
  • I couldn't help myself so I had to listen to Tim O'Hare filling in for Mark Davis yesterday. He had a guest named Abby Johnson who "is an American anti-abortion activist" (and whose story about her experience with Planned Parenthood been questioned.) As she was talking about the abortion process, she described it as something that at first you think is unbelieveable like the stories of a person who is "going to a party or something and then they wake up  in a bath full of ice and their kidney has been stolen or something like that. It's just so heinous. We know that does happen in some countries. We know that it has happened in some places. But it is so terrible that we think that it can't really be."   To save her credibility, O'Hare shut her up immediately.
  • Sixty-six year old Billy Joel became a father again last night as his 33 year old fourth wife gave birth.  
  • Cullen Davis makes the front page and I bet very few people know who is . . .