Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The fire in south Fort Worth at the recycle plant yesterday evening was incredible yesterday. With no wind, the smoke just went straight up. It could be seen from Rhome and even further away.
  • Is is just me, are there a lot of ridiculously number of jacked up trucks around these days?
  • Conservative talk radio doesn't know how to handle Trump. If a host suggests he might be a little over the top and might be causing GOP damage, a ton of caller blowback will be received. And all of those callers have just one theme: "They are tired of political correctness." They also sound older and male and don't seem to care about anything else.
  • Trump is supposed to be on Fox and Friends this morning after he went scorched earth on Fox News (which didn't hurt him in the polls one iota -- something I do not understand.) I haven't heard anything crazy from yet from the appearance. 
  • I've ranted about the term "person of interest" because it's code for "suspect" and only used in an attempt to avoid disparaging someone in the event they are innocent. McKinney PD really ramped it up yesterday by releasing photos of 35 people as "persons of interest" in a credit card abuse case at a restaurant.
  • Parasailing death at South Padre Island.
  • The fact that we are catching a "break" in the heat because it will "only" be 100 today is why I hate living in Texas for this stretch. But its a small price to pay for a normally great 9 to 10 months a year.
  • Columbia House has declared bankruptcy. Remember them? You could get 10 or so albums for a nickel or something like that if you promised to buy 5 or so in the next 5 years. Then every month they would send a mailer requiring you to specifically write them back declining their "album of the month". If you didn't, you would receive it, and be billed an inflated price plus shipping.
  • "Frisco ISD Board approves construction for 10th high school. Memorial High to have price tag of $85.7 million."
  • Arlington PD said they had asked the FBI to investigate the circumstances surrounding the police shooting of the unarmed teenager at a car dealership. The FBI says, "Naaaa, we'll pass."
  • The reaction to this shooting is interesting. The kid broke into a dealership and was damaging property. He's was either a nut or high as a kite. But I don't understand how someone use those facts to justify his killing.  (The Ticket's Hardline said yesterday they "100% support the cops in this one".) If the kid charged the officer or acted like he had a weapon, fine. But what if the rookie cop just lost it and decided he was sick and tired of these types of crime and decided to blow the kid away? You wouldn't support that.  (I hope.) I'm just saying we know nothing about why the officer decided to pull the trigger four times so how can you we take a position one way or another? 
  • "Former Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is no longer paying its staff because fundraising has dried up, campaign and super PAC officials and other Republicans familiar with the operation said late Monday."  I'm no Karl Rove, but I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign.