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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughsts

  • Pete Delkus last night at 10:30: "Snow totals going higher...tomorrow morning looks VERY interesting!!!" and "Looking pretty snowy tomorrow morning!!"  I don't mind him missing on a weather prediction. I mind that he doesn't care about becoming a cartoon.  
  • And it was incredibly funny watching the local stations this morning. They had reporters dispatched all across the metroplex who were forced to talk about weather that did not exist. I'm impressed they can do that. 
  • Decatur ISD is on a normal schedule today as everyone crosses their fingers that the worst-designed-entrance-in-the-history-of-ever doesn't briefly turn into a ski slope as school opens.
  • Well, Routh got convicted in The American Sniper trial and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After a dinner break, the jury reached its decision. I'm not sure which took longer. 
  • So that's our answer on how to handle someone who everyone agrees is mentally ill (but knew "right from wrong"): We put them in a cage. 
  • And this is an actual tweet from the Governor of Texas late last night: "JUSTICE! Chris Kyle's killer convicted of capital murder. Jury didn't buy insanity defense. #AmericanSniper #ChrisKyletrial".  Man, we are free falling towards Idiocracy. At the end of a trial which should make us heartbroken for everyone involved, our highest elected official is high fiving online and using hashtags.
  • A cop shot a motorist in Grapevine on Friday. From the reports that are trickling out from those who have seen the vide, this is gonna be bad. For the police.
  • I dreamed I was at a court hearing with a trooper who came up and said to me, "Barry, I'm sorry, but I just learned there's a warrant out for you." But he was incredibly nice. 
  • Bill O'Reilly has been dogged by allegations of lying as of late which I really haven't paid attention to. He's not a journalist.  But one report yesterday was of local interest because two icons at Channel 8 said he lied while as a reporter at WFAA. (I didn't know he even worked there.)
  • Good grief, Jimmy Buffet is coming to DFW for the millionth time. How many times can you folks listen to Margariteville?  
  • I bought the book on Mindfulness. I might get sucked into this.
  • The Family Cat mauled The Family Fish last night causing quite a bit of drama.
  • I've signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon on Sunday. This will be dicey. 
  • I became a big fan of Tim MacMahon last night for standing up to the bully and insufferable Mav's coach Rick Carlisle. That was great.