Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • How did I miss this and why am I not surprised?: Chris Kyle's widow is writing a book, American Wife
  • Apple has been ordered to pay over a half billion dollars by a jury from (plaintiff friendly) East Texas for patent violations. Apple said, the plaintiff "makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, [and] has no US presence." In essence, they were sued by a patent troll who took advantage of the U.S.'s outdated and vague patent laws.
  • You had to see it, but the Fox 4 newscast at 9:00 last night might have been the most wheels off broadcast I've ever seen. Multiple technical difficulties, a video with one story while the teleprompter had words for another, anchors trying to wing it, and dead air. Steve Eager finally had to laughingly admit at the end that the show had been a trainwreck. 
  • We've got breaking news in the Dez Bryant Is There Or Is There Not A Video case.  Lancaster police confirm they were called in 2011 to a Walmart parking lot based upon a 911 call of a woman being dragged from one vehicle to another. No arrests were made but Dez showed up.  How in the world did the press miss this for four years? And if there is a video of that, who has it? Walmart? The police? A third person who once requested a copy of it? 
  • Josh Hamilton reportedly met with MLB officials about a relapse involving cocaine. I think that guy is as dumb as a box of rocks, but I almost feel sorry for him. 
  • "Wise Co. Commissioners also approved my WISE Plan to encourage & incentivize employees to help eliminate waste in county govt." - County Judge J.D. Clark yesterday. What exactly does "incentivize" in that context mean?
  • Whenever I blow past conservative radio they all seem to be attacking Jeb Bush these days. 
  • The twenty-one year old son of ESPN college football analyst Ivan Maisel is missing. Maisel used to work at the Dallas Morning News and is responsible for that famous first photo of Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones in Dallas. 
  • Police chase in Denton last night ended up in death and injury.  Police chase this morning results in huge crash.
  • There sure hasn't been many updates on the police on police shooting in Montague County that happened a couple of weeks ago.  
  • I wonder if the metroplex media every did an open records request for all reports and videos regarding the Wise County police dog killing which resulted in a man's death. 
  • Mexico sure it upset about that Grapevine shooting by police that I mentioned the other day. I still say this video is going to be bad.
  • And there is another police shooting controversy in Washington as a guy is killed for allegedly throwing rocks at police. Cops fired 17 shots. Photo and story.