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My Biggest Weather Prediction Ever

Note the time of this post, Delkus.

We've heard predictions of up to 3 to 4 inches of snow. Let me tell you something, ain't gonna happen. This expert prediction is based upon two things. First, the National Weather Service hasn't issued a winter storm warning since 3:30 last night.  I think they are having Prediction Chaos right now as they look at their fancy charts and radars. Secondly, has this graphic up for Wise County right now:

They are showing a 35% chance of snow that would last for only about an hour early tomorrow morning. They are more focused on Friday.

So the official Liberally Lean Weather Forecast: A dusting of snow.

Edit at 8:18 a.m. the next morning:

Never doubt me.


Anonymous said...

I'm wit u, berry on this un

Anonymous said...

Here's my "expert" (define as you will) analysis:

Historically, when local forecasters say "lots of frozen precip," we seem to get very little.

When local forecasters say "only trace amounts of frozen precip," we seem to get a lot.

So I'd say tomorrow... zilch.

Anonymous said...

I am placing my bets on the lady who bought the sleds. In other words, more snow.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I will rely on your warranties and representations re no snow. My kids and office staff will cry at the news of no free day. However, if school is cancelled, I'll be dropping three kids off at your office in the morning. They have no allergies, so lunch doesn't have to be special. Also, please limit their electronic time to 1 hour total (each). My youngest will insist on playing catch with a football in your office. It'll be a Nerf, so damage should be minimal.

Anonymous said...

are these the same guys that are claiming global climate change.
if they cant get it right for a week what make you thank the can predict 50 yrs out.

Anonymous said...

2:32, that won't work. Barry will be on the hills with his sled. I don't think he owns a pair of snow chains so he can't make it to the office.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a dusting in Meth County, but the civilized parts of North Texas will get 3-5 inches. More than Ms. LL ever gets.

DF Ron Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Am I too late to say we're doomed?

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong on this one. I think we will get snow. Hope school just starts late.

Anonymous said...

Old pete on channel 8 just said that he thought the schools would be closed again on Wednesday. And he is a professional.

whisky O said...

Don't let them kid you, your ever bit as good at predicting the weather as you are at sports.