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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts (Which Didn't Get Published When It Was Supposed ToO

  • For some reason, Mrs. LL bought three heavy plastic sleds as Christmas gifts, and I'll be dang if we didn't get to use them yesterday. (But she went very dark as I prepared to launch myself down a hill which had a few trees on it: "Don't Sonny Bono yourself," she said,)
  • We later asked both kids if they knew who Cher was. Not a clue. 
  • And I was reminded yesterday that a few years back I separated my shoulder while Mrs. LL and I were sledding on the same hill. We got back to the house, I laid down on the couch in pain, and told her "You can pop it back in. Google it!". She did Google it and proclaimed there was no way she was going to do that.
  • And that injury occurred right in the middle of the biggest snow day in the history of DFW. One second I'm having an almost spiritual moment as I surveyed my surroundings, and the next my shoulder is hanging out of its socket as a dog licked my face. 
  • Snow days take you back to your childhood.
  • And it is weird how weathermen refer to the potential for ice, snow or sleet as "bad news" when basically everyone at home is thinking "Please give me an excuse not to go into school or work". 
  • Thanks to all those who sent links to NPR regarding my post yesterday about Wichita Lineman. But I went into Captain Ahab mode last night as I tried to find what I know I heard a few years back: The line "‘I need you more than want you; and I want you for all time" came together because of a mistake or accident. But now I am beginning to believe I'm having a Brian Williams episode. I am 100% sure I was listening to NPR as I pulled into my office parking lot one day, and I remember being captivated by the discussion of that song and that line in particular. But after searching online for way too long and listening to old interviews of songwriter Jimmy Webb, I'm beginning to believe I've lost my mind.
  • I did most of my searching while Mrs. LL was watching The Bachelor. Can I say this: I've got a serious problem with that show, and I don't know why there's not more of an outrage.  The conservative/religious types should be yelling because it is beyond morally bankrupt, and the liberals should be offended about how it reduces women to objects. I almost wanted to yell at the screen last night and go on a rant. (Yes, I know I'm going to be killed in the comment section.) 
  • I'm on the verge of buying a book on "Mindfulness" which is beyond bizarre for me. 
  • American Sniper Trial: "Capital murder defendant Eddie Ray Routh appeared to be faking insanity after his arrest and may have formed wild stories about 'pig assassins' by watching reruns in his jail cell of Seinfeld and the Boss Hog reality show, a mental health expert [Dr. Randall Price] testified Friday." That testimony from Friday disturbs me to no end. We have a man facing life in prison without the possibility of parole, and the judge allows an "expert" to testify about something that has to be nothing more than a guess and conjecture. And a silly one is that.
  • But I am equally incredulous about testimony from experts from both sides that Routh did or did not know "right from wrong" at the time of the shooting. No one can possibly know that. 
  • I get a false sense of satisfaction when the Sixth Grader In The House asks me, "What does that word mean?"  
  • John Legend at the Oscars on Sunday night: "There are more black men under correctional control today than there were under slavery in 1850." I'll be dang, he's right.
  • I've kept away political news for a couple of days. You know, not that bad. 
  • Something seems weird about Fox 4's Steve Eager. It caused Mrs. LL last night to say, as she watched Eager's interaction with Heather Hays, "I think they hate each other."