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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've see a ton of things go viral, but nothing like the "What color is this dress?" yesterday. And it happened because all it took was for you to turn to a co-worker, friend, or family member and ask "You see gold and white don't you?" If you got a different answer, it was on. 
  • Alvord ISD is closed today but was a little slow to pull the trigger on that announcement. Edit: Paradise ISD is closed with an even more of a delayed announcement. 
  • Serious question: Looking out the window a second ago I saw that the snow was really coming down. Is the stuff that we see right now going to be tough to drive on? 
  • DPS is looking to hire officers with two years of experience. You'll go through an eight week course instead of the normal twenty, and after a probationary period you'll earn over $71,000. One caveat: You'll be assigned to the border.
  • Another school project last night: Creating a flute out of a PVC pipe. And I'll be dang if we didn't pull it off. (And it helps if the Junior In The House is a heck of flute player who can compensate for design and construction errors.) But have you ever drilled huge holes into a PVC pipe?
  • There was a paid commercial disguised as an interview last night on Fox 4 News: Steve Eager had an in-studio interview with the head of some dietary supplement company called IDLife. It felt ridiculously like an infomercial. (And, oddly, right beside him was Troy Aikman with the caption underneath him that read "Investor/Company Spokesman.")
  • And there is something wrong with Aikman. He's never been particularly the life of the party, but he seems distant and depressed in almost any interview he gives these days. I bet something is going on.
  • Breaking news: At least nine dead in Missouri in a mass shooting. Oddly, it involves as many as "six crime scenes."
  • I had someone who should know email yesterday to tell me Chad Littlefield's widow is out of sight because "she has put it behind her." Not exactly sure what that means.
  • President Obama did not sign and executive order banning certain bullets for the AR-15. But the ATF is considering doing it on their own.  
  • I sign up for the Cowtown Half Marathon and we get this weather? (It kicks off at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday so it should still go on. But the 10K is tomorrow and I'd bet it gets cancelled.)
  • If Jeb Bush gets heckled at CPAC, he should use it in a campaign ad named, "See, I told you I'm not a nutcase." (And I love those CPAC speeches. Nothing like a politician going just a little too far because he's playing off of a rabid crowd that isn't exactly mainstream.)