Question From The Comment Section: Chad Littlefield's Wife?

Ok, I'll admit I've raised an eyebrow at the conduct of Chris Kyle's wife.  The Oscars appearance. The book.  The storming out of the courtroom during closing arguments.  Maybe that's the way she deals with stress and pain -- who knows. There are no rules regarding how a person is "supposed" to act after their spouse is murdered.

But someone in the comments section today asked: What about Chad Littlefield's wife?  That's a great question. I haven't even thought about that. A quick Google search mentions Littlefield, an almost forgotten man, had a wife who worked in the Midlothian ISD and had a daughter.  (Funeral photo.) And even though Littlefield's parents have appeared on TV after the trial (truly grief stricken), I've never seen his widow throughout this ordeal. That's not a criticism. Heck, I'd probably go into seclusion instead of heading for the Red Carpet.

People are unique. We all respond differently. But what a crazy contrast with these two women.