Even If You Don't Care About The NCAA, Watch This Develop

Stay with me here. Silas Nacita is a spare walk-on player at Baylor. He's lucky to even get in a game during blowout time. But he became sort of a folk hero last year.  Why? His story of going from homeless (really!) to a Baylor benchwarmer was so intriguing and bizarre that even Sports Illustrated did an article on him.

The guy is deeply religious. His twitter feed has more biblical and inspirational thoughts than Joel Osteen's. Honestly, sometimes I have thought it was over the top.

And for a reason not quite clear yet, news broke this morning that the NCAA is going to suspend him. However, all indications point to the allegation  he "accepted" housing from a "close family friend" which somehow is against NCAA rules.  Not drugs. Not an assault. Not cheating.

Edit this afternoon: Uh oh. There may be more to this story than Evil NCAA vs. Good Baylor Boy.