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Climate Change Debate Is Over!!!

Was this sent because there's another snowstorm in the Northeast? Really?

Buddy, it's going to be in the upper 70s today in Wise County! You can't possibly need more scientific proof than that!

(I really don't have an opinion on global warning, but I do have an opinion on those who make their scientific conclusions by looking at today's forecast for America.)


Anonymous said...

Skippy, Check out the stories on the Drudgereport about climate change being the biggest hoax to ever come down the pike.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I was referring to the Telegraph UK article.

If Climate Change is a leftist fraud then what can we believe?

Anonymous said...

You won't find absolution from reducing your carbon footprint.

Anonymous said...


Do you have an opinion on the government paid "scientists" whose funding depends on toting the liberal line of we need a carbon tax to solve this problem?

What see ye?

Anonymous said...

Of course. It's cold at my house, thus there is no global warming. I guess they only read the local papers?

wordkyle said...

There's plenty of evidence of shenanigans in the climate change alarmists' "science," enough to make a reasonable person at least a little skeptical. More than skeptical enough to question devoting billions of taxpayer dollars to "preventing" it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what the time frame is to conclude "climate change?"

The temperature alone changes over the course of a couple of hours. It changes even more over the course of a day.

Are we comparing hour to hour, day to day, year to year, decade to decade, century to century, or what?

RatherBeSailing said...

Fifty years ago I felt like I was behind if I didn't have a good tan started from the natural sun by my birthday on March 15th. Warm, sunny days during the Texas winters is nothing new. ( By the way, I no longer do the suntan thing. )

Anonymous said...

Pollution affect the world's weather? That's redonkulous. It still snows in China!

Triple Fake... said...

That old saying "If you don't like the weather here in Texas..." could be amended to end "...just wait til tomorrow", and has been around way longer than global warmism.
Uncommonly warm winter days are not that uncommon around these parts

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big believer in global warming,either, but let's be fair. If I remember right about what I've read on the subject, it actually creates more EXTREMES in weather, not just a general warming in all places at all times. Hence, you can have extremes in cold temperatures/storms in the midst of "global warming". In other words, you can have hotter summers as well as COLDER WINTERS (and more extreme winter storms) due to the incremental average increase in temperature throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

none of you amateurs know what's going on because you lack the proper training and doppler stuff.

Let me let you in on a secret,

No one knows, but as much money as there is to be made on either side, it pays to have an opinion.

DF P. Delkus

Anonymous said...

If you believe in global warming then you probably believe that the earth is square or cube shaped. The so called scientist whose employment and grants require that they preach global warming have corrupted the truth. Steve Goddard on his website Real Science has exposed the fraud involved in "adjusting" historical data to prove their position. How many readers of this blog know that more of the States have historical high temperatures dating to the dust bowl area of the 1930's than to any other decade since temperature records have been kept? Fact is that there are 22 or 23 States with records set in the 1930's that still stand. In the past 14 years since 2000 only two records have been tied and no new ones set. The hottest month on record is July 1936. NOAA said and recanted their statement that 2014 was the hotest year. NOT ONE State, no NOT ONE, had their record high temperature broken last year (2014). If it is getting hotter why doesn't the record highs get broken, at least one ocassionly? Another significant fact is that the number of days in the U.S. reaching 90 degrees each year has been in a steady downward slope.

Another fact: Once in the 1970's I went skiing on Lake Lewisville in January when it got well into the 80's. Every winter we have always had days like today.

You might want to take a look at today's ice cover on the Great Lakes on the Canadian Ice Service website. Records were set last year but they are ahead of those now.

Anonymous said...

1:24 - Is today especially cold?

wordkyle said...

124 - I understand your point. But in saying that climate change explains all extreme weather, the scientists have effectively covered every single type of weather. In other words, no matter what the weather is, they can claim that it's proof of climate change. Their position relieves them of the pressure of ever having to make an accurate prediction that can actually be observed and measured.

And many of the dire predictions that have been made have proven to be inaccurate. I'm not even claiming that the whole theory is wrong. But there are billions and billions of reasons to be skeptical, and at least somewhat questioning of governmental actions regarding climate change.

Anonymous said...

climate change alarmist

You conservatives and your ridiculous labels crack me up.

You'll believe that an invisisble man in the sky is watching your every move and listening to your dumb prayers, but you just can't accept the fact that thousands of factories and millions of cars spewing carbon in the air might possibly be affecting this planet.


Anonymous said...

3:56 -- Bait & switch much?

wordkyle said...

356 - You just simply misstated my position and then railed against your own misstatement. Was that your intention?

Anonymous said...

Conservative here.
The debate on global warming is almost over, and most of you aren't going to like the results.

We'd all benefit if we tried our best look at the evidence provided and make our judgment from that rather than placing ourselves in an echo chamber just to reinforce what we want to believe.

I laughed at global warming at one time too.
Then I listened to the evidence.

Anonymous said...


What do you mean? It has just come out, the evidence shows, that the data for South America has been corrupted, changed to display a result that the "scientists" want.

That is not science.

wordkyle said...

1038 - You do realize that the vast majority of "evidence" is based on computer models, right? Models made up of data which scientists enter?

There's been enough data-fudging by these same scientists to justify a little skepticism. Or a lot. And that's just the cheating that's been discovered so far.

Anonymous said...

We are entering an ice age. A few years ago the North Pole was a lake with ships sailing in it. Now it is all ice. Google "USS Skate" for proof.

My comments are about as dumb as those of you preaching global warming.