Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • No details yet, but a Montague County deputy was shot and killed last night.
  • "WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of drivers on the road with alcohol in their systems has declined by nearly one-third since 2007 . . . ." Down 33% since 2007 is a shocking decline. 
  • Another disaster in the Tarrant County DA's office: Letty Martinez, former chief child abuse prosecutor in Tarrant County, resigned on Friday after two decades of public service.
  • And there is now a fake Tarrant County DA twitter account. There seems to be an underlying theme that the office is not friendly to prosecutors who have children. 
  • I was stunned to learn the other day that DPS required all ten fingerprints to renew a driver's license. (A new legislator introduced a bill to stop the procedure.) No need. DPS says it will discontinue the process.
  • The number of Iraqi civilian deaths during our invasion of that country are estimated to be anywhere from 150,000 to 1,000,000.  And I don't remember seeing a single one during American Sniper.
  • The median starting salary for lawyers is $62,000 -- down 13% over the past six years. Surprising? Yet check out how the salaries of government lawyers have increased over the same time period. 
  • I watched two episodes of what may be the greatest show I've seen in years this weekend: The BBC show Black Mirror.  Trust me! It's a bizarre modern day Twilight Zone. Start with The Entire History Of You (would you want to live in the world where everything you see, and your partner sees, is recorded from a device in your eyes?) and then go onto The National Anthem (would the Prime Minister be willing to do an unspeakable act on national TV to save a kidnapped member of the Royal Family?)
  • Maybe I was tired, but the Better Call Saul better step up its game.
  • An email Mrs. LL received four years ago from a stranger: "My wife is very upset that your husband posts daily pictures of young girls in bikinis. For what purpose? What do you think this does to the wives when they discover their husbands are reading your husband's blog when there are a million other blogs with excellent discussions without the photos? Are any of the pictures of you, or your daughters, or your girl friends, nieces, etc? Woman to woman, do you approve of what he's doing?"  I think that was written by a woman who forgot she was ghost writing the email.  
  • The Grammys were on last night and I kept asking, "Who's that?"
  • Let me backtrack from Friday: I'm not sure Brian Williams survives this. But if he's not gone by the end of the week, he'll make it. 
  • Mrs. LL and I always watch movies with closed captions on. We watched one this weekend which had the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter playing in a scene.  The closed caption at that moment?: "[Peppy music]". I would have paid money to be in a room with Mick Jagger at that moment.  
  • I'll send notes to myself sometime for potential random thoughts. This is one that I emailed to myself yesterday: "coat hanger door lock memory."  Ironically, I have no idea what that means. 
  • Mrs. LL worries about my memory.  I heard The Ticket's Bob Sturm talk about how he has noticed he can remember incredible details from decades ago but when it comes to remembering things from the last five years, not so much. 
  • The missing dogs of Wise County will not go away . . .