My Last "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and Mark Davis Post

Not Mark Davis

I mention him from time to time, but most of you probably have no idea who Mark Davis is.    He was on WBAP until Cumulus wouldn't renew his contract at a price they could agree on, sat out a year, and then ended up on 660 The Answer which has a fraction of the listenership of WBAP.

Hey, the guy is a good talk show host. He's smart. He's logical. And I don't think he says stuff just to rile up his right wing listenership like Hannity, Limbaugh or the mind numbing Dennis Prager. I think Davis believes everything that he says.  That's why I find him so curious as of late.

He's really gone off the deep end over the last five years, and this video blog above is a perfect example.  I've never read the book Fifty Shades, and I doubt if I'll see the movie unless I run across it on cable two years from now. However, I've read a few of the (horribly written) passages so I know the gist. Is the content objectionable? Well, I guess so if you've never turned on Cinemax at midnight. Is it demeaning to women? Only if you think any woman reading the book or going to the movie is too stupid to make decisions for herself. Should people be told to not see it? Only if you think you're a father figure for the population.  What should be put on the big screen for entertainment: Chris Kyle shooting a little boy or a bondage scene? You tell me. Of all things to be angry about in this world, should this movie be one of them? Yes. Right behind running out of paper towels in the kitchen.

My favorite part is around 4:00 when Davis instructs men to "Sit your woman down".