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Comedy On The Mean Streets Of Decatur

Decatur revamped all of its sidewalks around the courthouse several years back and promoted a "Buy a Brick" campaign.  I've never really paid attention to them but for some reason glanced down outside of my office this morning.  Every brick I had ever seen was simply a name or names.  But now I've learned there is (at least) one that doesn't: "There is always money in the banana stand."

That's a reference only fans of Arrested Development will get.  The patriarch of the family was in jail for fraud and, in one episode, would say those above words to his son when he came to visit.   The family owned a banana stand on the beach and made a little money off of it.  Then the son, in a fit of rage, burned it to the ground one day. When he goes to visit his father again . . .

George: You what?
Michael: Burned it right down to the ground.
George: Are you crazy? There was money in that banana stand.
Michael: Well, it's all gone now dad, and it was my decision. So next time you want to have a little power struggle, remember that you're playing with fire.
George: There was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars lining the walls of the banana stand.
Michael: What?
George: Cash, Michael.
Michael: Why didn't you tell me that?
George: How much clearer can I say, there's always MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND!


Anonymous said...

"All in all, it's just another brick in the walk..."

- DF Steaming Hot Pink Floyd the Barber of Seville by Cadillac¹

¹ Wheel of Fortune 'Before and After' category

Anonymous said...

Keep walking around the square, there are a few more oddities....I think I know the culprit!

Double Fake White Power Bill said...


Anonymous said...

I sense a quality control issue

Anonymous said...

I will wager $1 Million wordkyle did not buy that brick.
DF Every Democrat on Earth

Anonymous said...

Can I buy one that says, RIP Speedo Man Forever In Our Hearts?

If not, then I don't want to live in this crazy mixed up world any more.

If anybody has contact and pricing information let me know. Most Friday nights I'll be burning my kids hands in the restroom at Sweetie Pies while I listen to Jerry Clower talk about good times with Marcell Ledbetter.