Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I probably could use the Google, but what happened to the Bridgeport guy who won the bid to jump the Snake River Canyon?
  • "Oilfield services giant Schlumberger cuts 9,000 jobs". They have, or at least used to have, a pretty big presence in Wise County.
  • I completely missed the story of the seven year old who survived a plane crash in Kentucky which killed her parents, sister, and cousin. She then walked 3/4 of a mile through thick woods to a home. She told them she thought everyone was dead but hoped they were only sleeping. 
  • Kentucky's basketball team played an eight day exhibition schedule in the Bahamas in August which had a total cost of $792,845.68. Coach John Calipari stayed in a $1,550-per night hotel suite at the Atlantis.
  • I'm not sure what I think about every Oscar nominee for Best Actor and Best Actress being all white. I suppose it's a fluke but it's a crazy fluke. 
  • Based upon some Gov. Perry's farewell speech yesterday, it appears he has been abducted by aliens: "Over the years I have come to see our approach to non-violent drug offenders as flawed," he said.
  • Here's a great picture taken from behind Perry during the speech, but there sure are a lot of empty seats where legislators normally sit. 
  • I think I would be happier if I just stuck to the National Geographic Channel, the Travel Channel and the Smithsonian Channel. (Except the NGC over the last couple of nights has been featuring Africa where there's a heck of a lot of animal on animal crime.) 
  • Our TV is on Nickelodeon quite a bit (I have no scene control), and I rolled my eyes the other day when I saw a commercial for a new series called Bella and the Bulldogs about a middle school cheerleader who takes over the team's quarterback position. But it is interesting that the female star lives in Saginaw.
  • Update thoughts: (1) There are 13 death notices in there. That might be a record. (2) The guy mentioned in the first item might be the most unlucky guy ever.
  • I didn't know that NFL Executive of the Year Jerry Jones, when he replaced George Dunham with Jody Dean as the PA guy for Texas Stadium back in the day, called Dunham personally to let him know. 
  • Sports Illustrated has named Baylor/TCU as the #1 college football game of last season.  It's polar opposite, Baylor/Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl was #6.
  • It seems like the general consensus is that the Texas oil industry could handle these low prices for about six months but then the massive layoffs would start.